South Central

South Central

A man is put to prison for 10 years. Coming out of prison he wants to live a normal life and stop with crime but his son has yet followed the criminal path of his father.

An ex-con gangster-turned-Muslim turns his life around, struggles to keep his son from following his criminal and attempts to save him from his old Los Angeles street gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Bad G (ca) wrote: A young girl is overcome with religious piety and struggles to find purpose in her life. Her zealotry gets her kicked out of the seminary and leads her to extremism. It's a fascinating and unlikely story that's directed with a minimalist touch. It isn't as emotionally engaging or nuanced as it could be, but Hadewijch is worthwhile viewing for anyone willing to invest the time.

Hans J E (mx) wrote: quick rating of a film seen in the past.

Robin W (br) wrote: This documentary film depicts the chaotic relationship between director Werner Herzog and the eccentric acting legend Klaus Kinski, the film is made by and narrated by Herzog himself and most anecdotes from the film is from Herzog's own memories. During the course of this documentary you will realize more and more that eccentric might be a mild word to use when describing Kinski and the fact that Herzog and Kinski made five films together is quite astounding, given how much trouble occurred during their collaborations. Several of the famous Herzog and Kinski rumors are discussed and their origins explained, like the rumor about Herzog forcing Kinski to finish Aguirre under gunpoint. A lot of old footage of Kinski are shown, sometimes having his legendary fits of rage on set, getting in arguments with audience members during his Jesus Christ Savior monologue and even some footage of the unique friendship between Kinski and Herzog, after watching it I felt well-informed on one of the most important duos of modern cinema.

Mads L (kr) wrote: What a way to take the legacy of two of the most iconic animated mute slapstick masters of entertainment and run it through a sequence of awful writing, terrible animation rage-inducing songs and... By god...YOU GAVE THEM VOICES! YOU GAVE TOM AND JERRY VOICES !!! Stop ruining my childhood you absolute pancakes !

Lenard K (fr) wrote: In 1954 a fourteen year old boy lives in Dijon with his gynecologist father, sexy Italian mother, and two older brothers. At times interesting, quite often creepy, definitely a different take on growing up.

Felipe F (au) wrote: Ingmar Bergman masterfully adresses complex issues such as mental illness, the existence of a God and love in this psychological drama fueled by powerful performances.

Jim W (gb) wrote: The under-rated late Oliver Reed shines as Leon who's born into a life where he turns into a werewolf on a full moon. However the film is too much like any other werewolf movie, they all end the same way. Even the new film is too much like any of the originals. However, if you want a werewolf movie that actually ends different, then watch Wolf with Jack Nicolson. Curse of the Werewolf could have at least had an happy ending since the being around his girlfriend when a full moon came out did stop him from changing. So why couldn't she have just approached him in the end, rather than us just getting yet other ending that involves a silver bullet ?

Brandon L (us) wrote: One of the best remakes out there

Tim P (ru) wrote: Pretty poor. Tyler Perry is no Morgan Freeman.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: Grown Ups is an amazing comedy movie. It brings all the classic funny actors. (Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider) This movie is perfect for your family even though it's rated PG-13 for some sexual content and some bad language. However, this movie is great overall and I would very much suggest you see it.