South of Pico

South of Pico

"South of Pico" is an emotionally charged drama in which four strangers witness an unimaginable tragedy and are catapulted into the defining moment of their lives. Set in present day Los Angeles, a chauffeur, a waitress, a doctor and a young boy each deal with life's daily challenges, only to find themselves at the scene of an accident the moment it happens.

"South of Pico" is an emotionally charged drama in which four strangers witness an unimaginable tragedy and are catapulted into the defining moment of their lives. Set present day in Los ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (fr) wrote: Day: MondayDate: 17 Mar 2014Time: 10.30 pmWith: NooneOn: HDTV

Chuck F (ag) wrote: Wow... 90 minutes of my life I will never be able to get back.

Amanda H (gb) wrote: The acting is mostly terrible, the special effects are lame and with the exception of maybe three scenes, it's really not even all that scary. But it's still entertaining, if you're in the mood for some good cheesy pseudo-horror. Just don't go into this with your expectations too high, and you'll be fine. However, viewer beware: If watching this instantly, the sound and video are very choppy throughout almost the entire movie. Really annoying, so you'd probably be better off putting this one in your DVD queue.

Charlie D (ag) wrote: This movie is centred on Kevin Costners' character and without him it would be nothing. Even though it had some unnecessary points, it was intriguing to watch his persona in action.

Dave N (jp) wrote: Well done but basically a TV movie with higher production values (yet still a pretty dull plot)

Cole F (au) wrote: Okay, WHO'S CRAZY IDEA WAS THIS? This is the worst movie of the entire universe! (Pardon me if that sounds childish)

Beau S (au) wrote: Completely Depressing story about a poor peasant who has his bicycle stolen and spends the entire movie trying to get it back. If you hate yourself or love trajedy you will love this film.

Ellis W (gb) wrote: Hammy, silly, with mis-matched performances, this is strictly for kids. Little kids. Very, little kids.

Elgan D (de) wrote: The second part of the 'Jean de Florette' carries on the same vein as part 1. When the movie starts it feels like catching up with old friends. There is a period where the movie gets a little over the top in romance but that quickly subsides to a powerful ending.

Veronica S (mx) wrote: I don't think I would want to watch this again. The club was nice, the dancing was mediiocre, I thought it has a better storyline than Breakin.

Richard S (us) wrote: Unlike some of this era's biopics, this one is HORRID. Or perhaps Gershwin was a really unpleasant, insufferable douche. And the dialogue makes me want to drink. Oh wait. I do drink. So it makes me want to drink heavily. And constantly.

Garth M (mx) wrote: If I'd taken note of it at the time I'd forgotten this was a Disney Joint. Along with School Ties three years later it proved to be a masterclass in acting for an entire classroom of 18-year-olds. Interesting to view this movie in light of more recent events in Robin Williams' life. Would Mr. Keating have chosen to end his own life? What the movie makes clear is the fact that most schooling is a plot to train students for a 9-5 assembly line. Creativity and independent thought are to be discouraged or spanked out of kids though canings and paddlings as such are looked down on today. Private schools are seen as an opportunity to meet up with and make associations with the right kind of people from the right backgrounds to become the corporate movers and shakers their parents expect them to become. Any attempt to deviate from this path is strongly discouraged. The miss-guided control parents attempt to exercise over their children's lives is shown to tragic degree in this movie. My dislike of Kurtwood Smith probably stems from watching this film. I was bussed 25 miles to a consolidated high school, no private residential school for me but this movie brings back memories. I may have had an average in the 90ies but I took great pleasure each June once I'd gotten my exam results in sitting in front of the old drum that fed smoke to our smokehouse and ritually burning an entire year's scribblers and classroom notes. Our books were provided so we had to turn them in at the end of term. Watching a DVD provides the opportunity to see deleted scenes and other supplements. Watching the young actors 12 years later and now in their 30ies talk about the experience of making the movie makes me feel better about my own memory--they can't agree on some rather basic details. What this movie drives home in spades is the fact that parents may encourage their children, empower them, give them opportunities to thrive, love them and praise them; but they should not expect to live their lives for them and certainly not fulfil their parents dreams. I fell in love with Robert Sean Leonard as an actor with this movie and have followed his career ever since. His next movie had him playing Paul Newman's rather straight-laced son in Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, an entirely different role. In Safe Passage he plays a pot smoking free spirit. Leonard is proof that one can be a great actor without becoming a movie star. You've probably seen him in many roles and not even realized who was playing--to my mind that's the mark of a great actor. In this movie he definitely a leader among men.

Chris R (kr) wrote: Simply put this is a great movie, not only for its time but even today. The special effects still look decent and the overarching storyline of following rules and wanting things we can't or shouldn't have is great instruction at age 6, 30, or 70. A top ten 80s flick and a holiday classic in my opinion. Get it on Blu-Ray, looks fantastic!

Alan V (ru) wrote: Might have made a decent short. Definitely would have been a great beginning to a horror movie. But the lack of any story whatsoever makes the whole thing utterly pointless. That said, at least it's beautifully shot.

David S (mx) wrote: Nicely made Kazan drama about various forms of stubbornness--the main example being the grandmother unwilling to leave the land that will flood when the TVA's dam is complete. But this theme is also explored by the relationship between Clift and Remick, as well as the townspeople's refusal to reconsider their racist attitudes. The film would have been better, I think, if the connection would have been a little more overt about the further connection to the power of the river (and it taking a dam to stop what it, by its nature, is prone to do).

Sanity Assassin (nl) wrote: completely average in the sense that most of it is crap except the acting and the few comedic moments. about undercover cops involved in football hooliganism with lots of old skool english actors chucked in for good measure