South of Sanity

South of Sanity

Fourteen souls were left to winter-over on Britain's largest Antarctic base, but nearly six months into winter all contact was lost. When a rescue team was sent into investigate no one was found alive. . . . . . . Cut off from the outside world, the small community gradually become fractured and antagonistic. From out of this dark crucible of malcontent, a killer emerges. In the isolated and disparate group, members are picked off one by one, paranoia ensues and no one is safe. Filmed and edited entirely on location in Antarctica, the story demonstrates that, even in the most inhospitable environment on earth, the most malevolent threat lurks inside ourselves

One Antarctican winter isolated from the rest of the world, but not from eachother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart R (es) wrote: Boring, pretentious crap. Plus Dennis Hopper's tonque flicking kissing scene with Taryn Power made me want to vomit.

Alexander K (ru) wrote: Similar to the British show Skins, but not as good.

Alfin N (de) wrote: So much for some stupid medals. Second World War was Japan's most terrible mistake ever, and the price was even more higher for their very naive (and extremely hypocritical) people. If you want to know the truth about Japan, watch this movie. Don't watch Hachiko.

Bolly B (ag) wrote: I'm crazy about this kind of romance in movies ^_^

Gretchen S (kr) wrote: This was a great story and very funny.

Bonnie D (au) wrote: Great documentary about the unsung heroes of Motown: the Funk Brothers, the musicians who've played on all the greatest songs of Motown. Didn't understand some of the choices of artists in this documentary (Joan Osborne??).

Cooper H (it) wrote: Smoke Signals takes you on a journey with two native Americans as they learn who they are.

Becky B (br) wrote: Isn't this the one where he gets a girlfriend? If it is this one, I did not like it very much

Akira Y (br) wrote: Uneven and flawed film but still poignant. He tries to explore new narrative modes that work well on film though not all the gimmicks work but the film is still worth watching. A forgotten gem from the 90's.

Lauren L (us) wrote: Just relized I saw this my freshman year of high school it was good aside from being a bit scared for the wife and daughter.

Areeque T (au) wrote: Michael Douglas like you've never seen before. I honestly did not recognize him the entire movie!

Faith P (br) wrote: While Maze Runner is not a bad film, there were so many things that could have helped to gradually unfold the story. A number of the characters are underdeveloped and the audience does not get to know them as well as was necessary. However, the acting was well done, particularly on the parts of Dylan O'Brien, Thomas Sangster, Will Poulter, and Ki Hong Lee. What seems to have been revealed to the audience a little too soon is the past of the characters. While there is a lot of mystery when, at the beginning, none of the primary characters can remember who they are or where they came from, there is so much tension and intrigue at the writers' fingertips. This intrigue is lost when the past is shown to the audience too soon. That said, Maze Runner proves that the series has a lot of potential and audiences will find this movie adequate in the mystery/action/dystopian genre.

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Danielle L (fr) wrote: this movie was poison to my eyes.