Southwest Passage

Southwest Passage

Director Ray Nazarro's 1954 western, originally filmed in 3-D, stars John Ireland and Joanne Dru as fugitive bank robbers who hide out by joining a government expedition bound for California.

The U.S. Cavalry is ordered to test the feasability of camels in the deserts of the Southwest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant K (au) wrote: Riveting and devastating.

Chris P (de) wrote: Too many lame jokes, not enough trannies stabbing people.

Dana A (de) wrote: this movie was ridculous but in a

Adam R (ru) wrote: A dumb comedy, but it has an unusual and unlikely charm. (First viewing - Teen years)

ranee g (jp) wrote: One of my favorites! Harrison Ford delivers a memorable performance for me!

Jason C (kr) wrote: Odd but pleasant film written by Terrence Malick. It doesn't achieve the poetic beauty that a lot of his work as director does, but it's interesting nonetheless. Both leads give unusual performance and Stuart Rosenberg's direction, with cinematography by Laszlo Kovacs, create a nice atmosphere for this contemporary western.

Urmi C (us) wrote: Comedy Very funny lol

Aslum K (fr) wrote: Sexy secret agent fun with Raquel Welch

Matt G (fr) wrote: This might be one of the most enjoyable watches of a faulty movie full of awful people I've ever experienced. As a fan of stand-up, it's hard not to be enticed by the inside look at that world. Unfortunately, the painfully awkward sequences and lack of tonal control make this a dramedy neither funny enough nor poignant enough to fully work.