One mistake will change many lives. SOVIA, a nurse, makes a fatal mistake in the emergency room, killing a patient. Later that night, Sovia has a surreal, near death experience in which the...

One mistake will change many lives. SOVIA, a nurse, makes a fatal mistake in the emergency room, killing a patient. Later that night, Sovia has a surreal, near death experience in which the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (fr) wrote: Perhaps a bit too casually paced. I understand the choice, and it works fine for individual scenes but the cumulative effect is a loss of interest and increased detachment.Despite that, it's a good movie, beautifully filmed, and worth a look.

Michael T (gb) wrote: Timely documentary is creepy but rather dry.

Kilgore T R (gb) wrote: If you were or are a Beatles fan you will want to watch this, to learn about the "under-appreciated" Beatle, the "spiritual Beatle", the Beatle who may have had the most impact on the world due to his living longer than John and being more "serious" than Paul.Scorsese obviously loved his subject and this is a loving tribute to George Harrison the man as well as George Harrison the Beatle.The first half is George the Beatle and the second half is George the man. The film explores not only George's music but his sensibilities, his passion as a gardener, his deep interest in Indian spirituality and music from the time he first went to India and met Ravi Shankar, and his passion for race cars and racing. Yes, George was a complicated man. But he was also a simple man, spending more time in his garden than in the music studio in his later life.What can I say? I have always loved George but I loved him more in later years as my tastes and interests began to reflect George's more than John's. Losing John and George are 2 of the greatest losses of the 20th Century - both lost way too early.But we'll always have this beautiful documentary about George to go along with his musical legacy, and I thank Scorsese for that!

Jared P (es) wrote: A masterpiece that demands every second of your attention. If you're going to watch a movie called Oldboy watch the Korean original not the American remake.

Chris S (ag) wrote: Ahhh, so that's why the label is called 'Asia Extreme'! Well, I'm not going to lie, that was a little weird.

Jacob M (au) wrote: As a kid, one of my favorite TV shows to watch was Thomas the Tank Engine , you know, that show about the talking blue train with the number 1 on it who does things that no other little engine could do. The show was so successful that a feature-length film was made while I was in my youth years. I remembered enjoying it due to my love for the show. Now I'm older and have no use for these kinds of films, so before I sell my DVD of this, I decided to watch it for the last time and review it. After watching Thomas and the Magic Railroad for the first time in years, I'm glad I'm selling it, that's for sure.In a world where trains talk and magic dominates the life of Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin), the world is threatened by the menacing diesel engine who intends to get rid of the island's gold supply and it's Lady engine in order to destroy the magic railway that connects the island and the world around it, called Shining Time (how it got a lame name like that, I don't know). Thomas the Tank Engine must use his usefulness in order to stop Diesel from wrecking the island.Also, Peter Fonda plays Burnett Stone, the depressed owner of Lady, Mara Wilson plays Lily, Burnett's granddaughter, and Michael E. Rodgers plays Junior, Mr. Conductor's cousin.As I said earlier, Thomas the Tank Engine was one of my favorite shows as a child. The show had so many educational lessons you could take out of it that I appreciated as I grew older. Watching Thomas and the Magic Railroad, however, and I found no moral lessons here. Honestly, there wasn't a story to enjoy. All it was was some engine looking for a magic railroad. What's educational about that?There were some nice-looking shots of the engines, but ruined it were the engines facial expressions. The train were created by models, but why was it that the train's lips weren't moving. Yeah, I know that happened in the show, but for a feature-length film, you'd think the producers would improve on the characters faces.I liked the trains in the film, but the voice acting on all the trains is terrible. Had I done the film, the trains would be voiced by big-name actors, who could really act, such as, let's say, Peter O'Toole voice Thomas and Richard Attenborough voice Toby , or something like that. Also, it seemed to me like the human characters were the star of the show, and not Thomas or the other engines. Honestly, had I not have watched the TV show, I wouldn't care at all about these trains cause they were stuck with the stinkin' supporting role.The villain, Diesel, wasn't that menacing at all. All he did was threaten, but end up doing stupid stuff. I was annoyed at the sidekicks as well. The Lady train was a big bore and I felt no sympathy for a train that was cooped up in a mountain for years.The human cast is a waste as well. Alec Baldwin. who's actually a funny guy, was really miscast as Mr. Conductor. I don't remember Mr. Conductor ever being in the Thomas show, just the fat guy who runs the island, Sir Toppam Hat. He was mentioned, but the character was on holiday. That's a big disgrace to the film right there. As for Baldwin as Mr. Conductor, his humor was focused on talking to the audience and using flowers as a phone. To put in it my perspective, Mr. Conductor should go to a mental institution. Also, Peter Fonda does nothing but whine and depress about some dead woman (this is a kid movie, right?) and Mara Wilson, who was a great child actress in films like the Miracle on 34th Street remake, was annoying useless for my tastes. Honestly, what was with that blue stuffed bird she was talking to? That was worse than Baldwin or that Diesel engine?I enjoyed the nostalgia I had when watching Thomas and the Magic Railroad, but the adventurous and non-educated plot, wasted acting decisions, poor music, dumb and stupid villain, and a story I could care less about really lowers my nostalgia towards the film and the show in general. Parents of young kids, skip this film. Watch the show instead.

Alexander B (ru) wrote: Jurassic Park Three, isn't a good film and just ruins the Jurassic Park franchise for any Fans, but with great action scenes and great performance from Sam Neil, this film still was pretty much awful....

John D (br) wrote: not very good, but way better than most movies in its budget's neighborhood.

Samuel G (jp) wrote: This differs from standard format- no training montage, unbelievable Jackie kung-fu from scene one. One of his best early pure kung-fu films, unfortunately only available dubbed. The fights are awesome, some of the best ever. Interest is maintained as he is hiding his amazing technique, but as the film progresses he is forced to use his new style. "The secret is to try not to hit too hard."

Tandra M (es) wrote: This is the worst dance movie ever made! The moves are amateur at best and the acting wasn't too much better! Don't waste your time!!