¡Soy un pelele!

¡Soy un pelele!

Olvido, a slopping screenwriter, sees the occasion to recover her career and the main thing, to seduce the love of her life, a famous director, when he suffers a shock that causes him amnesia.

Olvido, a slopping screenwriter, sees the occasion to recover her career and the main thing, to seduce the love of her life, a famous director, when he suffers a shock that causes him amnesia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew M (de) wrote: If you're going to make a dramedy, your two key elements - drama and comedy, of course - need to land. Where Shawn Levy's latest directorial effort, This is Where I Leave You, struggles in both of those departments, which is a shame because there's a lot of talent going to waste here. Based on his own book of the same name, writer Jonathan Tropper fills the film with long winded back-and-forths between characters that ultimately detract from the emotion he's clearly trying to convey in these scenes. It's as if Tropper has copy and pasted in bits of dialogue from a first draft, before the dialogue has been edited so that it actually sounds natural. Big emotional reveals lack the punch they need because of this, leaving that half of the film rather empty when it could easily be quite compelling. On the other side of the coin, the attempts at humor are hit-and-miss, with some adding bits of charm here and there and others falling completely flat in trying to lighten the mood of the family drama. It's strange that this is the case, because the main cast that makes up the dysfunctional Altman family consists of lots of talented comedic actors. Perhaps its the way many of them play against type: the likes of Jason Bateman and Tina Fey are more dramatic than we're used to them being, whereas a more dramatic actor like Adam Driver takes up many of the comedic scenes (and is consistently one of the funnier parts of the movie). Nobody here is particularly bad, they just don't deliver in the way you know they are capable of. Between their talent and the overall story at hand, this isn't a film that should leave you as empty as it does.

Adriana T (mx) wrote: Vale la pena!! me gusta!

Brian M (it) wrote: This s a must see for everyone that partakes of the freedoms we have in this country.

Jesse O (jp) wrote: Kinda surprised that I waited over a decade before I watched this film. Not that it's a great film or anything, I may have thought it was better had I watched it closer to the actual time the film came out, but it is what it is. I will say, however, that the film is certainly not what I expected. Though, to be fair, I had no idea what the film was about prior to watching it. Like I knew the kids dug holes and everything, but everything surrounding that I had no knowledge of. But it plays out nicely and I do like how they incorporate flashbacks to tell the story of past Yelnats, Katherine Barlow and the current day Stanley, who's stuck at a detention camp, were they dig the holes everyday as a supposed character building exercise, for a crime he did not commit. At first the flashbacks were a little bit jarring because I literally had no idea what role they were meant to be play, so they were a little annoying because I'd have rather been watching the current Stanley doing his thing at the detention camp. At first I thought the flashbacks were simply filler and sometimes to give a bit of background into Stanley's family, but it turns out that it's all pretty much connected and absolutely necessary in order to tell the story the film wants to tell and how modern day Stanley redeems himself, and his family's name, for this curse that has been in their family for several generations now. With that said, I still don't think the film goes into great detail in any of the flashbacks, so what you get is essentially the really basic stuff necessary to have an understanding of what's going on. Don't get me wrong, it's good and I really like that sort of interconnected stuff where everything has a point and purpose into how the story ends up playing out, but the flashbacks themselves are still not that great, to be honest. The best parts of the film are still bak at the detention camp and seeing how Stanley finds his way in the camp and how he fits in to a group of boys that have already been there for a really long time. It, of course, starts off contentiously. But Stanley eventually starts earning their respect. You've seen it before. Though the highlight of the film would definitely be Stanley's friendship with Hector. It's not as sentimental as one would expect, so that's a good thing. The acting is actually really good, so no problems on that end. Strong cast top-to-bottom. Like I said, the film doesn't really go into as much detail into any of the stories, both flashbacks and modern, but I still think that this movie is quite good. It's funny and it's smart. That's not something that you can say about a lot of these types of films. Solid Netflix watch here.

Sammie G (kr) wrote: this movie is awsome. i actully found some of the songs on limewire. but u have to take guesses at it b/c there like 8 different bands that do the songs

Stephen O (us) wrote: I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Great performances.

Jennifer S (de) wrote: GREAT movie! different role for Williams, but he was spectacular!

Hannah R (mx) wrote: And what would arise if we didn't hide our quirks and fetishes? Come on, we all have them.....

David B (mx) wrote: four segments written by four different writes, the first two segments written by lesser known writers allison anders and alexandre rockwell were pretty awful the third segment by robert rodriguez was preety good and the fourth segment by quentin tarantino which was the one I most wanted to see well the only good thing about that was at the end which he ripped of from another film albeit he does mention that he ripped it in this film the film doesnt work for me but if your curious give it ago or watch segment 3 and four on youtube.

Ibraheem M (us) wrote: It's a coincidence that I watched 'Shane' two days earlier than this and it had a similar plot, this made me expect what happens next easily but didn't make me feel bored because of Clint Eastwood's strong performance and solid direction.

Carole T (ag) wrote: A classic, now and forever. Great character driven storytelling, beautiful cinematography and a beautiful score. The fx have stood the test of time and still look great today.

Michael T (fr) wrote: Beautiful to look at, but confusing and moody.

Matthew M (de) wrote: Come on, do I REALLY need to explain why this is so awesome?

William C (es) wrote: Now Nicolas Cage was once seen as a fine actor, even winning awards and many people wanting him to star in their films. But now although he is wanted for peoples films, it does seem that around the time he did this movie, only bad movies wanted him, or he was choosing them himself. This is an example of bad acting, and how a movie suffers because of it and coupled with bad directing and writing too, you fast come to realise that some movies just aren't that well made.It kind of made me a little sad that Paramount ploughed $70 million dollars into this movie when it quite obviously could have been used on something much more thought provoking. Now don't get me wrong this film has it's moments and the premise isn't so bad, a guy can see two minutes into the future meaning he basically can just get away from everyone who ever is after him and also run an albeit poor magic show. The story plays out like any other typical movie plot, well maybe not all of it but the set up is anyway, the ending is different I'll give it that, but also kind of annoying too.Cage isn't the only person here giving nothing to their character, Julianne Moore is poor too and when the actors so highly regarded are not good at what they do, you know this movie is hazardous. Jessica Biel joins the poor acting parade and along with Cage makes no effort to create any chemistry or feeling and that by the end you feel there is nowhere for this movie to go. Lee Tamahori is the director and it is just not good whatsoever, not only does he make the poor acting look even worse, he also just couldn't make the Sci-Fi like plot exciting.Now I'm not going to sit here and say for 96 minutes I watched a movie that nearly killed me(maybe shouldn't have used the word hazardous), but this movie isn't one that is very enjoyable. It has it's moments of stunts, thrills and car chases plus a few gun battles to spice things up, but there in lies the problem. The movie could have been mindful and really struck a cord about what time means to people, what could we do with Cage's power in which we only really see showcased within the first 30 minutes in a way that looks cool.I do want to think of some positives, after all I stuck by this and said it was a bad movie and not an awful one, oh I am nice. The score isn't half bad, shame it had to be used on this movie but Mark Isham creates a nice blend of instruments to make some scenes kind of thrilling. I also felt the camera angles were nice, it followed the action nicely and yet again maybe made them slightly better, David Tattersall making a good job out of a bad movie.Overall this is one movie I would recommend you miss, now of course you get people who enjoy this kind of stuff and fair enough, but just watch this carefully and tell me it isn't lazy work. I do hope one day I can see Nicolas Cage fine again, I want to see every actor do well and every film as well but Cage at this stage of his career seems lost, it's as if he wants to make bad movies and really working with Tamahori turned out to be a bad decision.