Space Cowboys

Space Cowboys

Frank Corvin, ‘Hawk’ Hawkins, Jerry O'Neill and ‘Tank’ Sullivan were hotdog members of Project Daedalus, the Air Force's test program for space travel, but their hopes were dashed in 1958 with the formation of NASA and the use of trained chimps. They blackmail their way into orbit when Russia's mysterious ‘Ikon’ communications satellite's orbit begins to degrade and threatens to crash to Earth.

When an engineer is gotten a phone to repair a failing satellite, he supposes that he & his colleagues got into space. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip G (de) wrote: This is the one with Claude Rains as the scientist, and two gorgeous women in the divine shapes of Jill St John and Vitina Marcus. The dinos, alas, are enlarged reptiles with added plasticine, not stop-motion. All-in-all, never a great movie, but quite watchable.

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Alison P (ag) wrote: An enlightening look on an American tragedy.

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VanNATTA (gb) wrote: Very nostaligic movie 4 me, Dale Midkiff does a interesting E.

Christopher B (it) wrote: 50's soapy melodrama, but worth a look for the lush colours and William Holden. Woof!

Ajai K (br) wrote: a poignant and compassionate film about the lives of two boxers trying to make ends meet and surviving in a hostile town. one of the greatest sports dramas but also the most underrepresented.

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