Space Dogs 2: Moon Adventures

Space Dogs 2: Moon Adventures

Get ready to blast off to an out-of-this-world adventure with canine teenage astronaut, Pushok, who is determined to find his missing astronaut father. Against all odds, Pushok stows away ...

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Space Dogs 2: Moon Adventures torrent reviews

Joshua B (mx) wrote: Better than I expected it to be, another "time-loop" story. These time loop films have become a sort of sci-fi subgenre all to themselves. This one managed to keep my interest all the way through. Three and half stars makes it better than your average film.

Jim F (de) wrote: Interesting to watch Stephen Hawkin slowly deteriorating during his time at uni. At one point he is close to being depicted as a complete smart arse pain in the arse like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. Benedict Cumberbatch does well as he acts the character suffering from early symptoms of Motor Neurone disease

GAndharv B (br) wrote: awesome movie friends... me and my friends watch 5 times......yuppppiiiieeee

Simon R (ag) wrote: not funny. far too long

kevin s (ag) wrote: Fair, at best, low budget sequel that is a huge disappointment compared to the first installment. Like the other reviews on here, I found that this one tried way too hard to be funny and the death scenes felt like an afterthought. I actually became really annoyed after about an hour or so and struggled to keep watching. Not a worthless movie (there are a couple of good one liners, liked the "clam" death, decent performances by Moseley and Shaye, etc.) but it could have been so much more. P.S. What was up with the sound? I couldn't even hear what was happening half of the time.

Scott A (gb) wrote: Interesting movie. Laughed a few times. I LOVE Melissa McCarthy and it's funny that she plays herself for part of the show. My suggestion, don't try to think to hard about the meaning of the movie and just enjoy the story.

Hobie P (mx) wrote: I found it boring not funny.

Aoyama A (ru) wrote: The best of the third movies

stefn birgir s (jp) wrote: An interesting look on horror by the masters.

Davey M (it) wrote: Stephen Chow is a comedic genius, and there's stuff here that's funnier than pretty much anything else you'll ever see in your life. One of the best movie endings ever to boot.

Marcela L (gb) wrote: I loved the location

Michael W (kr) wrote: Possibly the most bleak and definitely my favorite of the trilogy, Blue explores how free one can truly be from one's past. It's really sad, but also quite hopeful in it's own way. The direction is flawless and Juliette Binoche is fantastic in the lead role. This is a gem of a film

J K (mx) wrote: Before being maimed by countless plastic surgeries, before the fried chicken and the realization that his music was country music's version of John Tesh, Kenny Rogers made this silly, feel-good family flick. To me it felt like Grizzly Adams trying to find reverse in a stock car: pointless and just out of place.


Frances H (ca) wrote: My rating is a 3.5 only because this is not a movie for everyone. Ellen Page was magnificent and Patrick Wilson very good,too. The film is rather sadistic, but considering who the victim is, many would enjoy that he's now experiencing what his own victims felt, and at the hands of a girl the age of most of his victims, well, some might say that he deserved everything he got. But if you do unto others what they have, aren't you putting yourself on their level? And won't you get just as inured to violence as they are?