Space Jam

Space Jam

In a desperate attempt to win a basketball match and earn their freedom, the Looney Tunes seek the aid of retired basketball champion, Michael Jordan.

An amazing animated movie: Small mammals Looney Tunes they are bullied by monsters name Nerdlucks. They challenge the mters to play against them in a basketball match. With the help of Michael Jordan, can Looney Tunes win the giants ? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Enaid N (ca) wrote: Can't believe I watch this stupid movie!

Todd S (au) wrote: Rosewood Lane is what would happen if you combined Frasier with Fear, and is the latest from Jeepers Creepers Director, Victor Salva. I wanted to like this film and I wish I could tell you that's different from all the other stalking films out there, but it's really not. The only things I found interesting about this film were the tremendous performance by Charmed's Rose McGowan, and it's unique ended, that really threw me for a loop. Normally when a film has an ending that surprises me, I love it, it makes the whole film for me, and while the curve at the end of Rosewood Lane was interesting, it wasn't enough to make up for a slow moving film that resembled half a dozen other movies. The story follows Radio Psychiatrist, Dr. Sonny Blake, and her move back into the old house she grew up in. The house holds many personal demons for her, so when she claims that someone is stalking her, the people close to her find it difficult to believe. As I said earlier, Rose McGowan was terrific and was really the only person of note in this film. It's a story you want to like, but things progress so slowly and are just so dull, that when the surprise ending happens, you're reaction is that it's kind of cool, but it doesn't make up for the predictability of the rest of this film. Stalker films are supposed to be the scariest form of Horror films, because it's a real thing that happens every day, unfortunately, Rosewood Lane doesn't have the writing or the performances to pull it off. It's a decent film with a terrific ending, but instead of leaving you unnerved, it leaves you indifferent.

Mike T J (us) wrote: This was to the original trilogy what Star Wars 1-3 were to the original.

Rodney E (ag) wrote: Not exactly a remake of the Toolbox Murders, Tobe Hooper's version is pretty good considering his post TCM2 career. Dont get me wrong, Hooper is my favorite American Master of Horror and there is decent and entertaining stuff in even his worst stuff. I caught this a few years ago and enjoyed it. Hooper's Toolbox Murders features a batch of strange characters who border on tolerable to annoying, which works in horror, especially in their demises. Speaking of demises, the death scenes involving the tools were pretty cool. It got a little too rushed and cliched at the end but this was a more return to form for Hooper.

Paul D (es) wrote: One of many racial adversity stories doing the rounds, but although the plot work through is formulaic and obvious it is well made.

eu (it) wrote: It's interesting, it has very good lines ? the thought or deconstruction of "I think then I exist" is quite good - but somehow I expected more. It's not a movie I would rewatch.

Kara D (fr) wrote: my first Louis L'Amour movie. Not bad, but did seem a bit made-for-TV. I want to know why a search party wasn't sent out?

Ben S (es) wrote: "Lured" has polish and an effective dramatic performance from Lucille Ball, but it's not as suspenseful as it could have been.

bill s (it) wrote: Did not crack a smile or grin once during the crappy movie.

Jon J (au) wrote: With a story just as simple and pastel as the animation it's generally a light movie that has several-- though never really emphasized-- themes. It is certainly anticlimactic and never has a sense of suspense, and that is its biggest drawback.

Sini K (au) wrote: Has to give points to Michelle Trachtenberg on good performance speaking russia.