Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets

Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets

A programme revealing the dangers and spectacles of exploring other planets in the Solar System. Join in the journey and dive below the ice of one of Jupiter's moons or get lost in a Venusian sulphuric acid storm...

This two-part science fiction docu-drama examines the possibilities of a dangerous, manned space mission to explore the inner and outer planets of the Solar system. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zack F (kr) wrote: A Patriotic Man would have been enjoyable with a more straightforward comedic approach to the subject of competitive cross country skiing and blood doping. Instead it veers towards more to the drama that lacks any true significance and comes off much overstated. According to this Finnish movie cheating in a game is equal to selling your soul to the devil and worthy of having your whole life fall to pieces.

Kat W (ag) wrote: This has got to be the he best and most well done scooby doo cartoon I've seen in a very long time. It has it's own unique story and mystery, making it so t's worth watching.

Brandon M (gb) wrote: Scorsese provides a mix between analysis of the films and a telling of his personal relationship to the films. Though most of the very short documentary seems like a re-telling of East of Eden, there are some heartfelt moments and interesting tidbits sprinkled throughout.

Dave H (nl) wrote: Decent doc, but a bit boring.

Mike P (fr) wrote: Just the right amount of creepy to prevent it from becoming a typical genre film. Although far from perfect Angela Bettis overall fairs well keeping the character May from becoming boring despite overdoing things in certain parts. Jeremy Sisto shines as the weirded out love interest who becomes increasingly disturbed by May's attempts to fit in and make him like her. Anna Farris however comes across just as annoying as she did in the Scary Movie sequels. Far from a classic, but every so many years I find myself watching this movie feeling exactly the way I do now. Kudos on the strength of the dialogue in the script and homages to the giallo king Dario Argento. Enjoy May for what it is not what May wants to be.

David W (ca) wrote: Jim Kouf's cynical LA crime-drama Gang Related does a lot of things technically wrong, particularly when it makes itself about its leading men, Jim Belushi (Detective Divinci) and the late Tupac Shakur (Detective Rodriguez). The film doesn't ask the audience to care about them and routinely steers our attention away from either or both of them and throughout the movie neither character seems to have progressed at all. But the movie does many things right, and I suppose one of these things was to alienate these characters from the audience. In Gang Related, Belushi and Shakur play a couple of dirty cops who have been running a scam where they deal cocaine and then kill their buyer, pinning the killings on gang related activity, but on their tenth try they end up killing an undercover DEA agent, which sparks an investigation, in which Belushi and Shakur are the lead detectives, that they try to pin on any poor soul -- and which settles on a helpless and homeless Dennis Quaid. Detectives Divinci and Rodriguez are by no means unrealistic. Shakur's Rodriguez (who is basically the same guy as Tupac the rapper except now he's a cop) needs the money because he is depressed, alcoholic, addicted to gambling, and in the hole by more than $27,000. Any other movie would be (sympathetically) about Rodriguez, but instead most of the movie revolves around Divinci, who is absolute scum and only ever explains the way he is by saying it's in his DNA. Apparently we aren't supposed to care about the protagonists. But that is what is curious about this movie. Every other character -- from the overworked ADA, to the hobo with the mysterious past, to the Defense Attorney played by James Earl Jones (nuff said) -- could star in their own movie, instead we are left to watch the comedic misfortune of Belushi and Shakur's heroes destroy them, which doesn't let us off the hook until the last scene. But then again, films and literature have experimented with narrative for hundreds of years -- Edgar Allen Poe made a career out of basing his stories on the perspectives of murderers. In the end, there is no point splitting hairs over what gang related could have been because what is unique about the film is what it is, and basing the movie from the perspective of any other of the characters would have been too small of a window into this tragic buddy cop film. In the end, it is its self awareness and its disregard for the audience that gives Gang Related a life of its own.

Larry S (au) wrote: Excellant movie that chronicles JFK's WWII Navy adventure. Hard to find except on VHS.

Michael M (de) wrote: A fun B-Movie, but you have to be into this sort of thing to enjoy it.

Bryan R (kr) wrote: For being based off of a book, it sure did not stay true to the plot of its predecessor. Missing events such as the real Circe's Island, the opening dodgeball game with the giants, and the sirens, just to name a few, this movie was a complete trash heap compared to the cornucopia of the book. The visual affects crew could have also easily made these scenes, but for some reason they didn't. This movie could have been much better if they had just stuck to the script of the book even remotely. They could have also had success as a bigger series. I hope to see this mistake made right by someone like netflix who can make a series of not just the Percy Jackson series, but also the Heroes of Olympus storyline, as well as the Kane Chronicles. However, if you have never read the book then this would be a decent movie, but if you did read the book your hopes have probably been smashed into millions of pieces.