Space Raiders

Space Raiders

A futuristic, sensitive tale of adventure and confrontation when a 10 year old boy is accidentally kidnapped by a spaceship filled with a motley crew of space pirates.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   explosion,   space,  

The movie follows Col. Hawkins or "Hawk" who has to defeat the "Company" and their massive robot ship in order to bring a young boy back to his home planet, who is accidentally kidnapped by a spaceship filled with a motley crew of space pirates. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maura B (gb) wrote: Mind blowing documentary. A must see

Regina B (ca) wrote: luved it, great cast and great storyline.

Genevieve D (es) wrote: I know The Land Before Time is young 4 me but I love the movies because they are funny, and show how different creatures usually don't hangout 2gether but these dinosuars where 2gether since they were sperated from their familys so they all became GREAT friends!

Vjosana S (au) wrote: dakota fanning keeps this movie going

Griffin J (mx) wrote: pretty generic Godzilla film, not much to say. But Megaguirus himself is actually one of Godzilla's toughest foes in recent Kaiju movie history. Which is fitting because to date, he is the latest new entry in Godzilla's foe roster. Too bad Mothra didn't show up to whoop his butt!

Pete L (fr) wrote: A near perfect Drama that should have gotten a much wider release in the U.S.Plot: After having an abortion, a young woman named Bibi who is an owner of a chic boutique and heiress to her famous father's fortune, begins to lose touch with the world around her. While driving drunk she accidentally hits a man and leaves him to die. Waking up the next morning and realizing what she has done, her upscale life begins to further unravel. After a suicide attempt, a man enters her life who just might be able to help her overcome the tragedies that have transpired even though he just doesn't know it yet, but her secret may just tear them apart.This is the first film I've seen by director Denis Villeneuve and I'm very interested in seeing more of his work. Very odd things occur in the film, including things such a number of talking fish about to be chopped up tell the story. There are also many quick scenes of fish out of water trying to breathe. Is this some sort of an allusion for things to come? Water also plays a big role in this film, whether it be brief scenes of rushing water or one of the characters simply drinking it. Water is present in nearly every scene in some form or another. This makes the film fun to watch because you're trying to figure out what all of these things represent and how they tie together. The whole water thing reminded me of Sam Mendes's films as whenever water is present, it signals that something bad is about to happen. These are the kinds of movies I like. Let's put a character in a difficult position or throw something tragic their way and see how they deal with it. This is a Canadian film that is so underrated, but sadly I don't think most of the people in the U.S. would have enjoyed it because it isn't some "explosion here, car chase there, and another explosion again" movie. This is one of those intense dramas that actually makes you think. It's a shame that the majority of movie goers in the U.S. don't want to see this kind of movie. When they go see a movie; they don't want to have to think. And another reason is that it's all in French, and the majority doesn't like to have to read the subtitles either. Fantastic movies like this one are overlooked in the U.S. solely for those two reasons. I barely knew what I was getting into when I started watching it, but was surprised at how interesting yet simple it turned out to be. Total Score: 7.8/10

Jason D (it) wrote: Behold another Full Moon product that is Netherworld, a cajun down in the heart of the swamps of Louisiana where a young man inherits his estranged father's estate and must carry out his last wishes of working with a black magic witch at the local bar & brothel down the swamp to resurrect him. Also, any bad people that cross through that brothel meet their ultimate ends at the hands of But not just any hand, a hand with snakes and shit on it. You would think with top notch direction by David Schmoeller (Puppetmaster, Tourist Trap, and Crawlspace), this film would have been better, but in fact, it is one of THE dullest movies I've ever seen. There's a lot of talking and nothing happening that nearly made me fall asleep at several points in this so short but oh so long movie. Not even the subplot of people being turned into birds (or something of that nature), or the occasional titties popping out was enough to interest me. Aside from the dull plot, most of the actors are dull and are not worth backing up. The witch comes off as a villain, but at the end of the movie, she's a good guy (??), or something. I'm not sure, that was never made clear to me. Also, there are NO recognizable faces in this film, save for the main character's dad who was the Dean in Re-Animator and Edgar Winter (gets the award for Most Unusual Cameo) as part of the band at the brothel. This is definitely one of Full Moon's weaker films, which is a shame because I thought it would have been better. It gets its two stars for the decent amount of titties, as well as a HILARIOUS ending involving a parrot, and a HILARIOUS after credits scene that should have been infused into the lackluster movie somewhere. Too bad.

Lionel C (us) wrote: Some good 80s/90s cheese. Young dumb Keanu vs the golden lion that is Swayze... Ending was kind of dumb but there are some scenes you can get lost in.

Matt G (us) wrote: Excellent cast dances through pat redemption plot. No surprises here. Plenty of pat charm and glamour. Some boring action and attempts at suspense, noir.

Ricardo Junior S (jp) wrote: This classic of Blaxploitation era is a very good adaptation of gangsters movies from the 30's and 40's. Fred Williamson has the look and presence to shine in this kind of vehicle. Put Pam Grier here and you would have a blaxploitatioin masterpiece.

Herbert R (jp) wrote: My favorite Marx Brothers movie.

David L (es) wrote: Picnic at Hanging Rock is one of the most disappointing movies I've seen recently. The setting is very intriguing, the cinematography is superb as is its score and it is mysterious and atmospheric, but the characters are so uninspired, the story isn't particularly well told and the pacing is very slow leading to a dull, somewhat pretentious and ultimately immensely disappointing film.