Space Truckers

Space Truckers

John Canyon is one of the last independent space transport entrepreneurs. Rough times force him to carry suspicious cargo to Earth without questions being asked. During the flight the cargo turns out to be multitude of unstoppable and deadly killer robots.

Set in the year 2196, the movie follows freighter-pilot Canyon, an independent space trucker who speeds to earth with a suspicious cargo. During the flight the cargo turns out to be multitude of unstoppable and deadly killer robots. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Space Truckers torrent reviews

Jaime A (jp) wrote: So disappointing ! Not funny at all .

Jack W (mx) wrote: amazing documentary with players from the best era and team

David S (au) wrote: Horrible, Only 1 good dialog Not funny, bored and slow. I can't see any reason to watch it

Christopher C (ru) wrote: I did not know a potato could have faith.

Byron B (kr) wrote: I'm not aware of any other movie like this one. Unique concept of shape shifting and gender identity that was quite goofy at times, but also kept surprising me.

Nishlank J (mx) wrote: little substance behind the stylistic flash

Michael W (nl) wrote: I considered it's first two thirds to be better than its last, but it is nevertheless still interesting, unique, and surprisingly funny.

Joel A (nl) wrote: Quite an unknown John Candy film that is much more of a 'Dramedy' than anything else.The story of late 30's bachelor living with his fiery Irish mother who will stop at nothing to blurt her thoughts & hurt people's feelings.John Candy drivers a wonderful performance & brings a lot of heart to the project. It's a simple linear film that is hard not too like I'm surprised it was a non event at the Box Office.

Lee R (nl) wrote: Feels like a cheaper, less robust version of the first film.


Brad S (us) wrote: This film is a masterpiece in my opinion, and is the last film of the great Carl Theodor Dreyer, who directed one of my top ten films of all-time, "The Passion of Joan of Arc." This film is based on a play, and you can sense that as it is dialogue heavy, and often only two characters onscreen at a time. The story follows Getrud who is leaving a loveless marriage to pursue a relationship with her lover with whom she is in live with. Her husband has let her down and not lived up to her high standards of what she feels love should be, but her lover then in turn also lets her down, and she decides to isolate herself afterwards. The films has several themes are work, dealing with love, isolation, and people's expectations of what their life should be. The direction is excellent in my opinion, the film looks great, and even though there isn't a lot of action, and there are many static shots, the viewer is kept engaged. Nina Pens Rode is excellent in the lead role, and really anchors the film. I have a strong suspicion I will revisit this film more than once, and will discover new things with each progressive viewing. Highly recommended for serious films fans!

Greg W (es) wrote: "An unusual contemporary Western featuring a compelling theme about refugees making a go of it in their new country among pioneers."

Bryan M (ru) wrote: this movie is almost like a good game. and Angelina Jolie is perfect for the Tomb raider girl.

Nathan W (ag) wrote: I must be one of the minority to review this movie this low because it really didn't do a lot for me, I get what the movie was about but I expected something exciting to happen, maybe my expectations were too high going into this, I dunno. I thought it was a decent watch however, it was a nice story.