Spacebong Beach Babes

Spacebong Beach Babes

Alison, Brenda and Courtney just want to get high and go to the beach, but today Alison has to work and Brenda and Courtney are auditioning for a rap video. Meanwhile, googly-eyed marijuana bud aliens in bong-shaped spaceships arrive on earth and take the women's forms, fighting for control of a seed that will save the universe. Upon discovering the alien plot, the women are faced with a choice; fight the invaders or smoke more hash...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   prison,   propaganda,  

Alison, Brenda and Courtney just want to get high and go to the beach, but today Alison has to work and Brenda and Courtney are auditioning for a rap video. Meanwhile, googly-eyed marijuana... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russ B (mx) wrote: 1/29/2017: Pretty damn funny. There were a few times that my stomach hurt from laughing.

Porto S (br) wrote: had to ff the last hour..

John A (br) wrote: Featuring one of my favourite performances of all time by an actress. Watch Hysterical Blindnes for one of Uma Thurman's best performances.

Juli R (fr) wrote: Harrison Ford is 80 years old, and Anne Heche is a lesbian. In a case of opposites attract, they are stranded on a tropical island, and have to avoid pirates and repair the broken landing gear on their plane. I guess a May-December romance just seems a bit gross to me at this stage in life, but these two aren't a terrible pair. I wish more of the movie was dialogue like the well-written scenes at the end, and there was, y'know, less about pirates.

Drew S (es) wrote: Wow, that was ridiculous. Caught it on sci-fi and couldn't turn away. Really funny in parts that it shouldn't be. By the way, that was probably the worst looking computer animated deer I've ever seen.

Samantha S (ca) wrote: Fairly amusing romance May-December romance, played with considerable charm by Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovich.

karen s (es) wrote: SECRET HONOR is sort of a stream of consciousness representaion of the contents of Richard Nixon's tortured psyche as his drunken mind tries to come to terms with his betrayal of his Quaker upbringing. The fictional Nixon that writer Donald Freed gives is fully aware of all the compromises he has made during his career in his quest for political power, painfully so in fact. These compromises supposedly led Nixon to actually PLAN an intentionally botched Watergate affair as a means to leave the presidency before the excrement really hit the fan and the true depth of what Attorney General John Mitchell called "The White House Horrors" came to light. Why? Because the real crimes being committed were hanging offences; the CIA was engaged in smuggling dope, CREEP (the Committee to Re-Elect the President) was collecting money AFTER his election because they were planning a 3rd term for Nixon to be funded by that drug money, and worst of all they wanted him office for the purpose of continuing the Vietnam war for at least 8 more years for their own financial gain. Even Nixon couldn't live with that. So what Freed and director Altman give us in SECRET HONOR is a look inside the troubled mind of the deposed President as he rants and raves and finally comes to the only conclusion Richard Nixon could ever reach, "Screw 'em all!"

Wendy N (kr) wrote: One of my favorite movies! Love it!

Param V (br) wrote: One of the best movie, full of emotions, great story line, direction, actings and some of the all time fav songs......a must watch movie...

Vladimir P (ca) wrote: If you ever want to see a pro allied attack against nazi's and to make it in black and white and awesome, here it is :P

Celeste V (ca) wrote: One of the only films I cheer when I watch it... like a football fan! Especailly when the kids throw the food to their starving neighbours over the barricades!

Millo T (au) wrote: For me, the real film that shows that you can make a good historical movie again. Tell us the story of Hypathia, the last great scientific of antiquity, a woman that defended that philosophy and knowledge were something important, model for feminists and scientifics. Takes us to Alexandria in the time of Romans, shows as the famous Lighthouse and the Library, and talks mainly about religious intolerance. A movie against fanatism, then and ever, in which we can find lots of things in common with our present time. Very intelligent movie, and a song directed to stars.

Matthew D (ru) wrote: The culmination of a lot of threads Hitchcock had been developing in his movies since the start of his career; an attempt at the perfect murder, a study of the premeditation of the psychopath who perceives he's been slighted, a character who writes mysteries, the single setting. In combining these all in one picture it would be fair to say the director had perfected them, however, it borrows elements from his own Rope and Strangers on a Train and it suffers by comparison: the plotter is not as memorable as in the latter film, the single setting not used as effectively as in the former. The suspense is simply not as great as in those two movies because it doesn't have Farley Granger who acted as the audience identification in both previous works. Furthermore, Dial M for Murder suffers from starting with a huge info dump, the kind Rope hid much better. Still if you kept up with all the exposition you'll certainly want to stick through to the end to find out the answer to this twist on the detective story, and in this sense it is a success.

Michael D (au) wrote: Emotionally powerful. I think this movie will speak to people for ages to come. Disturbing at times and makes you question what could have been done? Why is our main character continuing to live in that town? The music was great. All actors involved were great. Good movie though maybe you need to know that it is not exactly a feel good movie.