Spanish Battleship 'Viscaya'

Spanish Battleship 'Viscaya'


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1898
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  • Category:Short
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  • Country:USA
  • Director:N/A
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Spanish Battleship 'Viscaya' torrent reviews

Marischa B (ru) wrote: Oh dear. Yet another failed attempt to do a 'Four Weddings'. Take a selection of 'hilarious' middle-class characters, throw in a bit of sexual experimentation, some London landmarks and a barrage of romantic clichs, and you have the formula for this soggy mass of mediocrity. The script is banal, the characters unappealing, and the hodge-podge of nationalities baffling (would you believe English, American, Canadian, Australian, Indian and Eurasian characters all together in anything except the Olympics?). Martin Freeman plays a remarkably unsympathetic character, and has little to do except pull his usual variety of faces. The problem with the British film industry is that it's only possible to get funding for this sort of gloop, or for gangster films.

Heather M (mx) wrote: After watching the first half I couldn't watch anymore. Pass.

Private U (es) wrote: Un sujet trs intressant, qui traite d'une question importante : quels moyens peut/doit utiliser un Etat dmocratique pour lutter contre le terrorisme ? (ici l'Etat espagnol avec l'ETA dans les annes 80).J'ai globalement aim le film et son propos, mais je regrette qu'il y ait autant de dramatisation dans la mise en scne (effets sonores, ralentis, musique...), a ne s'y prtait pas ici.

mega D (au) wrote: Mildly entertaining. Typical sci-fi channel cheeseball

Zachary Y (ru) wrote: a good movie, but somewhat pretentious at times.

Morris N (fr) wrote: Good, not great. Novel's much better.

Paula D (ag) wrote: At times I felt it was literally like watching paint dry, but very absorbing on the whole... felt it provided a good insight into the painful process of a painter finishing his masterpiece and the effect on others. 4 hours tho... it's a two night sitting.

Jonathan K (br) wrote: One of my favorite movies growing up

Eric K (fr) wrote: Call me crazy, but I loved this film! A comedic search for meaning in life. Harold Fine (Peter Sellers) is an uptight lawyer about to be guilt-tripped into marrying a shrill, possesive woman that he doesn't really care for, but instead throws it all away after falling in love with a beautiful free-loving hippie-chick. Eventually, he comes to the realization that hippie life is not all it's cracked up to be. Comedic, yet there is a moral to the story. A life lived to an extreme is a life of misery. A person must live their life with an air of carefree leisure, yet still maintain some sense of work ethic and dedication in order to survive in this mentally challenging world. :)

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