Spanish Dream

Spanish Dream


The documentary chronicles a journey through the Spanish property scene in recent 40s. This trip is motivated by the concern that arises in me and many young people, when we decided to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerome P (de) wrote: Pretty informative and frank. I wasn't the biggest of the last parts. It devolved into "you should be a vegan or you hate the planet and want us all to die" kind of attitude. While they may be right that if we all started feeding the grain we give cattle to humans instead we could feed everyone. It's the arguments they use to convince the viewer that are failures. At no point do they discuss the giant fact that Americans waste almost half of their food, and this is just one point. Many others simply ignored.

Rudinixon B (au) wrote: Um filme simples mas muito bonito que vai matar a saudade dos fs de Edward Mos de Tesoura.

Amanda W (us) wrote: Different/Kinda Dull/Just OK/Not Bad/Kinda Liked...

Annetta K (jp) wrote: YES, 2004, Directed by Sally Potter YES is a little like Modigliani - about waking up from our sleepwalking, saying YES to life and living it to the full. There's a couple of scenes describing / discussing the opposite of YES; the players decide there is no such thing as NO... nothing can be completely erased, something always remains. If I were a filmmaker I would make films like Sally Potter's. It seems that in everyday life for every one word expressed, there are a hundred left unspoken. For every one lucid thought there are a hundred fleeting moments of inspiration and reflection. I too would want to create films that tried to visually express all these unrepresented thoughts and feelings that fully define our shared "human condition" and our personalised experience as we deal with life's challenges. Perhaps our internal worlds are far more vast and fascinating than our external one? "I wanted to find some cinematic equivalent to the stream of consciousness, I wanted to dismantle the stereotypes of all kinds." - Sally Potter I liked the film technique in between the intense one on one scenes used to draw back and observe; the change in camera speed and the camera angle that looked down on the players like a security camera, and the cleaners that silently observe the unfolding drama at the edge of a scene. Sally's films continue to surprise and move me and I look forward to her next project.

Nick F (ca) wrote: One of the better films among the 1970's disaster movie genre; centering around a European train infected with a contagious virus. Interesting film to compare to more recent fare such as Outbreak.Among the "all-star" cast few actually qualify, with only Richard Harris and Sophie Loren adding genuine star power; while Burt Lancaster basically just phones in his performance. Also seeing O.J. Simpson as an INTERPOL officer gunning down terrorists in a priest uniform is more then jarring. The direction is taut and the Jerry Goldsmith score is strong as always. Despite its cheesy moments (the hippies singing in the train car) its a good watch.

Lynda M (mx) wrote: One that got away? em no. Even with a strong cast and touch of What's Up Doc., the humour doesn't flow and it is hard to identify why it doesnt work, perhaps slack editing and poor direction, even though Scott gives another good comedy performance.

Pavan R (ag) wrote: Super movie...amazing songs...everyone performed top class....must watch

Private U (us) wrote: All films staring Terence and Bud are brilliant!

Lugva P (nl) wrote: Manly. A manly ass movie.