Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly

British sex comedy. Sir Percy de Courcy (Terry-Thomas) accidentally turns some poor tasting wine into an aphrodisiac when his old school chum, Mike Scott (Leslie Phillips) arrives with a photographer and several gorgeous models.

British sex comedy. Sir Percy de Courcy (Terry-Thomas) accidentally turns some poor tasting wine into an aphrodisiac when his old school chum, Mike Scott (Leslie Phillips) arrives with a photographer and several gorgeous models. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris S (us) wrote: Imagine waking up from a coma and having to relearn everything including simple tasks like walking and the ability to speak. Memories are suddenly erased as who you are, who you were, and everyone that you've met over the course of your entire life up until this point would be gone like a computer hard drive being wiped clean. That's what Noah Greene (Josh Danziger) is going through. A fire changing his life is all he has to fall back on. His therapist and his brother are the few things Noah still has in his life, but Noah figures out that they've been purposely keeping things hidden from his past. Diagnosed with an induced delusional disorder and only a picture of a girl he may or may not know as inspiration, Noah sets out to discover the truth about this past of his that everyone is so eager to keep hidden. Psychological thrillers are very dear to me as are any films that try to turn your brain upside down during the course of its duration. While Apart is certainly no psychological thriller, the constant jumping back and forth between reality and delusions does get a bit disorienting. Apart is visually fairly appealing. Its sense of perspective, camera work, and use of both color and filters makes everything not only easy on the eyes but discernibly memorable. The absence of color and the use of warm colors such as yellow or orange really make particular scenes stand out both in the way the scenes were filmed and the way they coincide with the story. Lighting is also something to pay attention to. Things always seem to get brighter during delusions while something like the dance Noah and Emily (Olesya Rulin) share barely uses any light at all. The delusions are what catered to my taste the most. While it does seem a bit difficult at first to identify what's taking place in the present, the past, and what's a delusion, it becomes easier as the film progresses. Snow, blood, and extremely bright lights are prominently featured in delusions, warm colors usually identify the past, and the absence of colors usually identifies the present. The way everything unravels is a bit reminiscent of Memento (without things being shown to you in reverse). To be honest though, Apart could remind you of any film featuring memory loss from Jackie Chan's Who Am I? to The Butterfly Effect and everything in between. Apart progresses at a steady pace that keeps your interest, but there are a few things that don't really sit well with you. It mostly involves the ending, but both Noah and Emily make some pretty lame decisions that seem to battle common sense while the ending itself is pretty open ended. While some may see it as a positive thing where it could mean this or that or the other thing, others will be disappointed that Apart doesn't wrap everything up for you in a nice little package. I was left with a lot of questions. Then something dawned on me after it ran around in my brain for awhile, but questions and definitive answers are somewhat left up in the air. Apart has a really fascinating concept that is even more intriguing since it's based on this rare condition that actually exists. It's one of the most awkward love stories ever told as delusions and memory loss stand in the way of this high school romance that never fully had the chance to blossom. It's beautifully filmed and parallels to the likes of American Beauty and Memento should hold your interest, but Apart's biggest flaw is that it's never fully capable of capitalizing on its extremely original premise. However, it is still a worthy watch thanks to its strong acting and superb delusion sequences that confuse you in the best of ways.

(it) wrote: Cast: John Goodman, Jimmy Bennett, Clint Howard, Gabriel Basso, Gary Grubbs, Uriah Shelton, J.D. Evermore, Annalise Basso Director: Tim McCanlies Summary: Escaping from reform school and returning to the forest where he was raised by his survivalist father, 11-year-old Moon Blake and two pals dodge the law and live off the land. But soon Moon begins to question his prejudices against the outside world. My Thoughts: "A great adventure movie for the kids. They rooted for Moon, Kit, and Hal all through the movie. Although the film feels like a clean cut Disney flick, the movie does have a bit more of an intense story line. The movie shows how some of the choices parents make effect their children. There was laughter and tears. In the end, a good movie for the whole family."

Dan B (us) wrote: couldn't sleep the night after this one, hard cinema, but damn good.

Mandeep A (jp) wrote: I'm absolutely in love with KANK! One of the best movies I've ever watched!<3

Daniel B (fr) wrote: One word to describe this film would be 'disturbing'. This film was dark, suspensful and dramatic with a very sinister tone.

Sherry (de) wrote: This is a must see very good;;

Abel D (nl) wrote: Though lavishly mounted & well casted, 'Fields' is simply overlong and unfocused. By trying to have two main stories (a Native American who returns to his roots & a group of missionaries' endeavours to convert locals), the film never fully fleshes either out and brings the pacing down, as well as misuse its large runtime. A shame too, as the performances are all around good (special points to Berenger & Quinn), helped by the gorgeous jungle visuals and moving score.

Jonathan S (mx) wrote: The Twilight episode 'To Serve Man'. But stretched in an entire hit series. This show pulls out alot of stops that many sci-fi shows did not tread during the time. The theme basically placed American as Americans having to fight off the Nazis and the ones who know whats going on are the survivors of WWII

Brandon T (nl) wrote: Awesome horror movie, but ive always felt that the title is misleading, Dracula is a vampire, he drinks blood, but the countess doesnt drink the blood and shes not a vampire at all, shes a human.

Darryl C (au) wrote: there are faster feet in this world, higher kickers and whatnot--but eleanor powell is still my go-to musical star of the 1930s. she was a dance powerhouse all on her own in a time when men ruled the scene. and 'born to dance' is a sterling setting for her bounty of dance gifts!james stewart is one of the most unlikely leading men to find in a musical but he does well with his waltz clog and sweet, reedy version of 'easy to love'. and virginia bruce, had she had more part, would have been a great asset to the film as well. besides powell, the biggest asset of this film is the score. don't believe 'de-lovely'--porter wrote some great stuff during his hollywood years and this film is proof of it.

Elliott B (mx) wrote: A slice of life urban love letter, as only King Vidor could film.

Kevin S (kr) wrote: A thief and homeless guy gets hired as a bodyguard for a bunch of kids in high school who are being picked on by a bully. His original intentions are to steal stuff from the kids and trade it for money but ends up liking the kids and really helping them. This is a pretty good comedy and I like Owen Wilson and thought he really fit the role for this. Anybody else and I think it would not have turned out as good as it did. It's a definite feel good comedy with a few laughs here and there. Not the greatest comedy but one you can definitely sit down and enjoy.

Jason B (ru) wrote: Novelty. I miss David Bowie. The strength of the movie is digging into the core of childhood. The puppeteering is masterful, as would be expected from Henson's team. There are a few moments with very questionable effects/editing although aside from noticing the issues it does not change how I feel about the movie. If you have not watched the film before I have been told that even watching as an adult for the first time the movie holds up.

Grant T (au) wrote: An interesting movie to say the least, but there is not much of a payoff