Spanish for Adults

Spanish for Adults

A tiny classroom is a meeting point and a shelter for those who have come to Spain driven by the "European dream" to start a new life. Brought together by fate, these immigrants share ...

A tiny classroom is a meeting point and a shelter for those who have come to Spain driven by the "European dream" to start a new life. Brought together by fate, these immigrants share ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Janis A (de) wrote: Woody in Rome ! Just as expected, he adapts himself ( and the movie ) to italian chaos and hectic..and nearly destryos the movie with that. while most dialogues are still witty and unmistakebly neurotic, the stories are too unrealistic to be taken serious, and here we come to the movies main problem: There are too many stories that he tries to focus on, and some of those are really far too unbelievable, despite their quirkiness and their humour. The roles are well casted, but a slapstick newlywed couple who cheats on itself and an instant-famous Roberto Benigni may bring many laughs, but keep the movie in general very flat. Woody works best in the more serious scenes and the story around relationship and the different forms of love. And when he centers on One main Story ( Midnight in Paris; Vicky Christina Barcelona; Match Point) Those 4 different stories that dont even interwine and have nothing in common are not saying anything. So it is understandable why critics are not overly fond of this Allen. But is still very funny and lively at times and great fun to watch. it is great to see Woody self back in action again, after so many years

Ken F (de) wrote: Makes me cringe. Unsettling. But a great movie. Anne Hathaway is great in this one

Luis M (ca) wrote: Nunca el 'mal de ojo' o las 'maldiciones' tipo voodoo habian estremecido las pantallas de la manera en que P.Buranajan lo consiguio con esta pelicula. Sorpresiva trama y bien conseguidas escenas 'gore'. Una fresca propuesta para los amantes del cine de horror.

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: You know that movie where a famous doctor/cannibal/serial killer cuts open a victim's skull, cuts away some brain matter w/out killing the guy, fries it up in a hot skillet, and then feeds it again to the victim ("that's good," said the poor schmuck)? Well here at last is the cinematic equivalent to that experience.

Franck B (ca) wrote: touchant et sensible

brendan n (ag) wrote: this is boring and not the action film it aspires to be. should of been much better and focused on more of the quality issues instead of the mayhem. not much too love here

Jenna I (it) wrote: I didn't really get this movie, I will freely admit. I didn't find too much psychological or creepy about it... it just seemed like a straight up 'drugs are bad' movie. Jeremy Irons bored me, Bujold bored me, and the special effects bored me. Maybe I was in the wrong mood to watch it but the whole movie left me with one big Shrug.

Peter B (jp) wrote: Harsh, real, gritty.

Richard D (ag) wrote: Kurosawa's first postwar film is a solid film, but really not yet the work of a master film maker. It's a melodramatic story about a rather spoiled woman who's drawn into politics when she marries a leftist, and ultimately is forced to become an adult in order to survive.

Zoran S (gb) wrote: It's not especially funny but there is something charming about how cynical and over the top the entire thing is.

Jim D (fr) wrote: I haven't watched this in over 10 years. It was the last Star Trek:TNG movie. I think it didn't do will with critics and the public because by that time, with so many movies and TV shows, we were seeing Star Trek fatigue set in. But now, re-watching it again, this was one of the better Star Trek movies. It has a pretty cool story, Tom Hardy was great, the special effects were great, especially the ship to ship battle scenes, and the music was really good! Overall a really solid movie!

aiden w (br) wrote: it is funny however does go into the trap of poor cliches, THE ENDING, IT IS REALLY ANNOYING