Spanish Towns

Spanish Towns


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1913
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  • Category:Short
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  • Country:Denmark
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Spanish Towns torrent reviews

Amanda E (es) wrote: Acting is terrible, editing is terrible, sound jumps from being unable to hear it on full blast to busting your eardrums constantly.

Deb K (br) wrote: The movie is based on the real life events that took place in Nickel Mine, Pennsylvania in 2006 when a gunman entered an Amish schoolhouse and shot ten school girls. The gunman then killed himself. The Amish community immediately reached out in love to the widow of the gunman.

Nick I (kr) wrote: Good movie full of violence and humor but just not as good as it should with this cast the second one triumphs over this any day

Wade H (gb) wrote: Amazing performances from the three leads and a captivating story and hypnotic directing.

Nicolas B (nl) wrote: Really british movie. Accidental drug abuse and a gay midget on a funeral. If this doesn't convince you to see this movie I don't know what else could.

Thomas H (ru) wrote: Pretty scary nd jumpy, The Messengers delivered a chll to me and I get frightened when I think about it when I am in a room by myself. Pretty good movie, though!

MEC r (ca) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Francesca J (mx) wrote: Slow and boring. What's with all the fades to black? Poor script....Not really worth your time.

Nathan H (ca) wrote: Flixster has this film in its database, but not the amazingly bad original (which stars, of course, Al from "Home Improvement" and Louis Gossett Jr.).Here's what's funny and horrible about these two films. Apparently they're Bram Stoker's stories? But they take place in 1990s California (thus allowing the low-budget filmmakers to take plenty of cheap, close-to-home establishing shots of L.A.)? It's almost as if they're not even's like watching the Cleveland Browns take the field. Horrible stuff.

Eric M (us) wrote: Money Train, Jennifer Lopez ruined this movie. I admit the script wasn't that great or even the story. However with Harrelson and Snipes they could almost keep this movie a float with witty banter and sharp dialog. I realize you have to watch this movie and accept it for what it was, a bad 90's movie. Once you know what to expect, it really isn't that bad

Will S (de) wrote: It was a good movie, 2 many characters 2 ollow 4 me but i still liekd it

J M (mx) wrote: "All & all I'm sure it was pretty accurate to a lot of parts of his life."****1/2For a Bio movie, this was pretty good; It had a few add on's, I'm sure, to the life, of the legendary, actor & martial artist, to amplify, the feeling, of drama... But all & all I'm sure it was pretty accurate to a lot of parts of his life.~I give this Bio film a B (Bright)

Scott S (mx) wrote: most original war movies ever made a must see

Michael H (kr) wrote: The premise is a good one, but the final product is presented so cack-handedly it's an embarrassment for everyone involved

A Z (ag) wrote: I mean, this was just good. Not many things wrong with it and the villain is better than anything Marvel has. The villain is everything.