Spark Among the Ashes: A Bar Mitzvah in Poland

Spark Among the Ashes: A Bar Mitzvah in Poland

"Jews of Cracow Await US Bar Mitzvah Boy," read the New York Times headline, as Eric Strom, a 13-year-old Connecticut boy, stood at the center of a complex human drama that attracted world-wide attention.

"Jews of Cracow Await US Bar Mitzvah Boy," read the New York Times headline, as Eric Strom, a 13-year-old Connecticut boy, stood at the center of a complex human drama that attracted world-wide attention. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Spark Among the Ashes: A Bar Mitzvah in Poland torrent reviews

Jeff C (fr) wrote: loved this movie great indie watch!!!

JoKeR V (ag) wrote: a movie for Pontiac Lovers?? hehe maybe ^^

Jasmine L (de) wrote: own it...LOVE IT! Will Smith is great in this movie!

Mel V (jp) wrote: Written and directed by Byeong-ki Ahn, a South Korean filmmaker, [I]Phone[/I] delivers a weak, predictable murder/mystery plot, weak characterizations, and all-too-familiar horror elements ?borrowed? from far superior Asian films (e.g., [I]Ringu[/I], [I]Dark Water[/I], [I]Ju-on: The Grudge[/I], [I]The Eye[/I], and [I]A Tale of Two Sisters[/I]). Audiences will find few scares or dramatic tension (audiences are more likely to play ?spot the movie reference?). Rage-filled ghosts? Check. A white-faced ghost, face half-hidden in long, black hair? Check. A preternatural child possibly possessed by a ghost? Check. Ghosts communicating via static-filled shrieks on portable electronic equipment? Check. Plumbing problems? Check. Mobile ghosts terrorizing their victims in car parks, hallways, and, of course, elevators? Check, check, and check. [I]Phone[/I] opens with Ji-won (Ji-won Ha), an investigative journalist caught in the maelstrom surrounding an underage sex scandal, finding herself threatened by a stalker, who contacts her via cell phone while watching her from an adjoining building. Unnerved by the constant phone calls , Ji-won accepts the offer of a close friend, Ho-jeong (Yu-mi Kim) and her husband, Chang-hoon (Woo-jae Choi) to take a sabbatical and work on her novel at their second home, a large, lonely house suitable for a haunting. Smartly, Ji-won also changes her cell phone number. Unfortunately, the new phone number carries a mystical charge. The phone calls from the mysterious stranger continue, but this time, she also hears an eerie, scratchy voice masked by waves of electronic static. Attempting to shake herself from her fears and anxieties, Ji-won agrees to a museum excursion with her friend Ho-jeong and Ho-jeong?s young daughter Yeong-ju (Seo-woo Eun). The cell phone rings. 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Even at the climax, Byeong-ki Ahn has his protagonist, Ji-won incapacitated in order to listen to the last flashback. By this point, the audience is far ahead of Ji-won, knowledge wise, making the final revelation and plot turn (complete with sizeable plot holes), as well as the reappearance of the ghost searching for the last victim that will release her from her rage-filled purgatory, an exercise in futility for audiences hoping, at minimum, for convincing, visceral scares.

Jordan S (de) wrote: great bit of acting by de niro at the end!

danah a (ag) wrote: this one was soo nice better than new york minute:P cuz they luk so innocent in this one

Thomas G (ru) wrote: Who doesn't love Casper!

Heather M (us) wrote: I wish I could get this on DVD! A brilliant idea and marvelously carried out.

Morgan E (us) wrote: Woody and Bette have fantastic chemistry. The soundtrack could be something straight out of Woody Allen movie, it even has an 8 1/2 homage, but ultimately this is a messy and badly directed comedy. It is not a Woody Allen film, but it is still enjoyable to see him play his complete opposite (a Beverly Hills lawyer and occasional surfer)

SiuSum L (au) wrote: Classic. Every scene was funny.

bill s (gb) wrote: This is Van Damme's first and best movie.....B fight movie gold.

Steve B (mx) wrote: Un de mes films favoris, vie!

Matthew S (es) wrote: While this film never quite manages to form into something of merit, it does have some interesting moments.

Brian A (kr) wrote: very misleading title. silly and fun though!

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Innovative and enchanting adaptation of this well-loved Fairy-Tale--A Very RARE Gem of an animation!!

Jennifer S (fr) wrote: Definitely not as good as Top Hat. There are a few good dance numbers (Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling is the most memorable one), but the love stories seem forced and fake. Plus, the technicolor makes all the actors look old and unattractive. Honestly, if the movie were in black and white, I probably would have given it an extra star.

Mark S (it) wrote: I think this is now my least favourite Hitchcock film. Not only that, but it's so bad that it may actually be one of the worst films I've ever seen, full stop. I can hardly believe the great man directed it. It has been said that he was forced to make the film, so maybe his heart wasn't in it and he just wanted to get it made and out of the way as quickly as possible. The plot is unintelligible; it's a complete and utter farce. It all revolves around some necklace from a jewel robbery, and about a dozen people are after it and all turn up at its location at the same time before arsing about and boarding a train. The tramp is the most stereotypical portrayal of a cockney I've ever seen, and he says 'guvnor' so many times that if it hadn't have been a Hitchcock film I would have turned it off in disgust. Only bother to watch it if you're a completist and really feel you have to.

Greg W (ag) wrote: good caper flick i liked the chem between zeta-jones & connery.

Buggy B (es) wrote: Pretty good thriller, a bit of a slow-burn but filled with interesting twists and absorbing performances from (of course) Anthony Hopkins but also Ryan Gosling who does more than just look good here as a (cocky) attorney on his way up the career ladder who finds an unlikely opponent in the manipulative criminal he's trying to prosecute. Hopkins had a couple of awesome scenes in this, as he bumbles through representing himself in court and ultimately plays everyone. Also enjoyed Billy Burke as his wife's lover/ detective. 7/18/14

Ben F (mx) wrote: This film is very likable, for some reason. Robot fights and family drama still work, when helmed by Hugh Jackman!

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Spark Among the Ashes: A Bar Mitzvah in Poland torrent

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