A masked vigilante who discovers the dark side to heroism. Going after the nation's most notorious super criminal leaves Sparks' life and reputation in ruins.

After a radioactive meteor strikes Earth, a genetically altered group known as The Rochester 13 gain astonishing, superhuman powers. Ian Sparks does not  feel remotely super but after the death of his parents, he throws himself into battle against the criminals plaguing the mean streets of New York. Teaming up with, and falling hard for, the beautiful Lady Heavenly, the unstoppable duo quickly decimates the citys army of thugs. But when they tangle with most twisted arch-villain of nation, they end up losing everything - including each other. Sparks rage-fueled quest for vengeance ignites a battle that will change the world and alter his destiny, forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Red L (us) wrote: Interesting that this drama actually happened 10 years ago. I thought such goings ons only happened in the movies.

Dodds D (jp) wrote: I didn't think this was going to be much; having such low expectations helped because I actually ended up like this movie quite a bit. If you are looking of an award winning movie that you will carry with you the rest of you life this isn't it. This fit a very specific mold - its a coming of age movie about two 17 year old girls on the the verge of starting college. They are looking for love (sex) right before they move on to their next stage in life, but this was so much more than that.The girls in this movie explore what family means. I found the contrast of how each perceived their own vs how they saw each others very interesting. I had those similar feelings as a girl so I could connect on many levels. The photography angle was plus seeing as that it what I do and how I spent my youth. The boy was hot (always a plus), and I thought the girl put on a solid performance. The music was wonderful.Both girls had to learn to handle both their mistakes and other peoples mistakes. Some people might not like the twist of this movie, but I liked it. I know that not every girls has broken girl code when it comes to boys, but I don't know any that haven't had thoughts in that regard. When your young hormones can help assist in bad decision making almost as much as alcohol. I know I have made this mistake with my best friend, thankful we were able to over come it but this movie reminded me of that crazy time of my youth. What I like most is that everything seemed so real, it was a throw back to my youth. It wasn't over dramatized. Unrealistic things didn't happen. Everything just was. Which made it kind of beautiful. The movie hasn't gotten the best review, but I don't care. It isn't for everyone; it's really only for girls that are looking to spend a couple hours remembering what it felt like to come of age.

Jason D (ru) wrote: The documentary is fair and poignant, and doesn't rely on explosions. You feel for the people involved, even though they are far from the best sort. It has very good editing and indicates a dedicated post-production. There are a lot of elements of artistry in the film, and the parallels are exploited. This film does a good job of combining its artistic and temporal aspects. It doesn't say much that isn't known, however, so it won't be winning any awards, most likely. I still recommend it, though, if you have some spare time.

Jameson W (it) wrote: Excellent film featuring a stunning debut performance from Catalina Sandino Moreno. Shines a light onto the drug trade, but also tells a fascinating "American Dream" story from an interesting angle.

Tyler H (ca) wrote: A unique mix of science fiction and fantasy that leads to a decent adventure flick.

Steve S (es) wrote: ***1/2 (out of four) A first rate drama directed by Fritz Lang ("Metropolis") with Barbara Stanwyck in one of her best roles. She stars as a woman who befriends a couple, one of which is played by Marilyn Monroe as Mae. Mae begins and affair and then a year later she leaves her husband to be with the man she has been cheating with. This doesn't set well with the angry ex. It atmosphere is top notch and the good acting add to the story.

Nancy P (mx) wrote: my respects for Simon Pegg. A movie with a very sharp humor...

Eytan D (it) wrote: Is "The Canal" the most original movie? The answer is no. In fact, it very clearly borrows from other ghost stories of the golden age. However, how it manages to still be creepy is another story. Director Ivan Kavanagh knows how to build tension and blur the line between supernatural and psychological terror, which makes the movie all the more scary. Even if it does borrow a lot, "The Canal" assembles a series of some truly frightening images, and it is helped by its element of implication (there isn't much gore here), Rupert Evans's great performance, its cinematography, and a score that is sure to produce major anxiety. "The Canal" is proof that though mainstream horror is taking a turn for the better, foreign productions still know how to freak you out.