Evil Mr.Grimes keeps a rag-tag bunch orphans on his farm deep in a swamp in the US South. He forces them to work in his garden and treats them like slaves. They are watched over by the eldest, Molly. A gang in league with Mr. Grimes kidnaps Doris, the beautiful little daughter of a rich man, and hides her out on Grimes' farm, awaiting ransom. When the police close in, and Mr. Grimes threatens to throw Doris into the bottomless mire, Molly must lead her little flock out through the alligator-infested swamp.

The story takes places on a silent film set in 1926. It is about a cruel farmer- Grimes exploiting the children from a local orphanage forces them to work in his farm. Morever, he let them die of starvation. Fortunately, Mary Pickford is the eldest of them dares to fight against him and saves others. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sparrows torrent reviews

Matt H (jp) wrote: This is so up my alley. I've seen it labeled "hipster" and "twee," but I like it as it is. None of the songs stand out, but they're all of pretty good quality. Emily Browning and Ollie Alexander are great, and I just like the tone of the film. Reminds me a little of "Once."

Justin M (au) wrote: A semi eary movie about a couple that seem to be going through the motions 3 months before they're wedding. And although the movie itself feels intimate, the acting and characters are uninterested. There seems to be something just under the surface bubblingvabout but it never makes itself visible on screen. All thing 'Monogamy' offers are average.

Thomas T (nl) wrote: Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg makes 2 Guns a thrilling ride for those who had barely any expectations.

Tyler R (ag) wrote: This movie was just awful it had the worst dialogue I've heard in a movie in a while. The most retarded plot ever and the deaths were stupid and it felt like the people didn't care if they get killed or not plus u kinda want them to.

ChadPoop G (au) wrote: really liked this low low budget film!!!

Lundgren D (it) wrote: There's only one thing to say about this- It's one of the funniest flicks ever made.

Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: 86%Saw this on 6/12/15Cerebral, convoluted, confusing, slow, requiring complete attention from audience and better than the original. Innocence is much talky and slow paced that the original and it's for the intellectual and it's many philosophical dialogues and talkative nature may be too much for many to follow. Still this second film is unlike any anime with a layered plot, sensible plot twists, action that does not overshadow the plot. The animation is splendid and as expected, surpasses the original. It works effectively as a mind fuck psychological thriller as well. However, even though the original did not have much plot, but still it had some though provoking dialogue and foresight about the era with internet and computers becoming integral part of everything, but that is to an extend missing in this sequel as it gives more attention for being philosophical.

Tanya J (es) wrote: Wouldn't watch it again like.

Al P (nl) wrote: You havent seen My Father the Hero?

heni e (de) wrote: one of the most touchy movies i've ever seen!!!!

Gabriella F (gb) wrote: edie in the last moments of her life. she does what she can..

Mason W (jp) wrote: "You Were Never Lovelier" from 1042 starring the very taletned dancer Fred Astaire and the beautiful Rita Hayworth. This musical comedy centers in South America where a wealthy businessman whom owns a hotel is looking to marry off his next in line daughter (Hayworth). This will be done by him posing as a suiter and sending lovely letters and flowers and then enters the dancer (Astaire) whom is looking to get a job at the nightclub in the hotel and then poses as the letter writer....a lovely musical score and dance numbers for a sweet film.

Frankie D (ag) wrote: I loved this movie, but probably because I loved the book. :)

Diana T (fr) wrote: Best movie I've seen last year!!!

Trey T (us) wrote: I loved this movie. Funny people made me laugh and broke my heart. Its Adam Sandlers best performance to date. I find it to be very underrated.

Byron B (it) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

Nick W (es) wrote: this piece of freaking crap is the worst movie i have ever seen. it was so damn stupid. the tarantula scene was highly disturbng. it also had a stupid story--a pot dealer who creates a fake family to bring pot to mexico??!