Anirudh Parmar is blind, but he does not let this impairment bind him down. He runs a school for the blind as a Principal. He meets with social worker, Kavita. Kavita is attracted to him, and he slowly also gets attracted to her. When marriage is proposed, both agree to marry each other. Then Anirudh starts having doubts whether this marriage is going to succeed, as he feels he is being patronized, and pittied.

Anirudh Parmar is blind, but he does not let this impairment bind him down. He runs a school for the blind as a Principal. He meets with social worker, Kavita. Kavita is attracted to him, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yoshi S (gb) wrote: Overrated... So boring... I didn't like it... But ending was nice. Actors were good too... But I was really disappointed...

Hrant B (de) wrote: The Cleaner stars Cedric the Entertainer who portrays a janitor who has lost his memory in a computer game. I would give this movie a D rating with a B rated supporting cast. Okay script, with subpar performances. I wouldn't give a lick for this movie.

Mickey M (ru) wrote: "Earl Montgomery" (Martin Lawrence) accuses LAPD officer "Hank Rafferty" (Steve Zahn) of police brutality. Even though his alleged injuries actually resulted in a bee sting. "Rafferty" spends six months for the crime he did not commit and accidentally bumps into "Montgomery" while investigating the murder of his partner -- even though he has been kicked off the force. And to make things worse, he works as a security guard for the same security company as "Montgomery". The two reluctantly team-up to chase what turns out to be smugglers, lead by a man simply known as "Kane" (Eric Roberts). This movie only produces a few chuckles, and even fewer laughs. The majority of the jokes are racially motivated, and may be offensive by some. I found the physical humor more funny in fact. I did not find Lawrence and Zahn a perfect on-screen duo. Their chemistry appeared a bit forced at times. They also didn't seem too believable when doing the dialogue. Personally, I did not think either Zahn or Lawrence were all that funny. I was really annoyed by Lawrence's catchphrase for this movie, mostly because it butchers the English language. Another problem with this film was the lack of character development on many key supporting characters. I especially did not like the way the villains were developed. Roberts will never get out of his sister's shadow if he continues to accept roles like this. The music were mostly current hip hop. Because I do not listen to that particular genre, I couldn't tell you many of the performers even if I saw their name in the closing credits. There is some pretty good action in this movie. However, the action is pretty much typical, and nothing stands out as something spectacular and memorable. If you like Lawrence (I don't believe I've seen Zahn before), then you would like this. But, if you are easily offended by racially motivated jokes, then this one is one to skip over. I would not suggest this for any "Must See" list, nor would I see this for a second time.

Austin F (ca) wrote: 91% It turns out Disney isn't the only one dishing out animated works with lots of charm, and stuffed with memorable characters and moral messages. Not only did Shrek do that, but it also weaved its way into many classic fairy tales, and put Dream Works on the map.

Michelle O (es) wrote: loved it since this one

Gaudy M (nl) wrote: For a glimpse of the Santa Monica pier before cocaine and Reagan ruined everything, this movie is totally worth it. Add to that the very young Dennis Hopper, the moody menace, the local yokel characters, the psycho cheese bake techniques loosely appropriated from New Wave cinema, you've got yourself a winner.

Ryan W (de) wrote: .,,,

Ei S (br) wrote: this is definately a classic in my mind