Speaking Freely Volume 5: Hugo Chávez

Speaking Freely Volume 5: Hugo Chávez

In this special volume of the series, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaks to members of the international press corps about the advantages of socialism over capitalism and explains why ...

In this special volume of the series, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaks to members of the international press corps about the advantages of socialism over capitalism and explains why ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Speaking Freely Volume 5: Hugo Chávez torrent reviews

Eric O (kr) wrote: clearly i enjoyed it because of its subject matter, but unfortunately this one comes up pretty short in terms of documentary values

Mad M (kr) wrote: Decent. It's not charming or riveting enough to be noteworthy. Good ending.

Alisha J (us) wrote: an amazing movie i would say....described how lives of different people from different backgrounds have been affected emotionally and physically by those blasts...

Sara C (nl) wrote: I loved it. Perfect junk food for the brain for anyone with a penchant for thrillers and British humor.

Noam M (it) wrote: Another horror movie that seems like all the others in most areas except it has the 2nd greatest horror icon (Jason Voorhees) and the worst (Freedy). (4/10)

Nick H (ag) wrote: interesting documentary

Richard D (br) wrote: I'm fairly tolerant of junk, but I hate this film. Spending time watching this is like being trapped with an ADD addled teenage boy who can never complete a thought before moving onto the next one. Bay has no concept of how to cut a movie in a fashion that allows the viewer's brain to process transitions between unrelated scenes ... or at least he doesn't care about constructing his movie in a coherent fashion. There's a point in this film where Willis has to go round up his crew of guys to tell them about the whole asteroid drilling thing. Although no more than a couple of days could have passed since he left them on his oil rig, they are now all around the world doing different things (Ben Affleck has apparently started up his own company 2 days after being fired.) The sequence that shows them all living their own version of the high life between jobs is an extended nightmare summoned from the dumb-ass delusions of an adolescent boy's idea of how the world works. That a 30 year old man committed this to film is ... astonishing.


Matthew M (gb) wrote: You really want to laugh when you are watching Pin because it so utterly ridiculous. But as ridiculous as it is, it is equally conceivable that something like this could happen. It builds itself up quite nicely, and by the end, in it's own special 1980's kinda way, it has turned into a harrowing and emotional tragedy. It's really quite impressive.

Ken S (jp) wrote: Personally I found this made for TV Ewok movie to actually be better than the first. I mean neither is particularly good, but this one at least had more fun, a little bit more action, and some fun new characters and villains, which the first one severely lacked. The first was dull throughout most, this one was a tad more fun. They kill off most of the family from the first movie early on, and leave only the little girl alive...which is always good for a family TV special. It truly is hilarious to start a movie aimed at little children off with the death of an entire family. Sleep tight kids! The best part though, is this movie stars Wilfred Brimley, which is totally awesome. Again, I wouldn't recommend either of these Ewok movies unless you are a die-hard Star Wars fan or like weird strange things. I found them interesting but nothing too special.

Roxanne D (jp) wrote: Classic womanizer: dumping women for the slightest imperfection, ranging from hairy arms, to emotional issues, to commitment orientation and complain that you're alone and suffering from restlessness. There is no such thing as perfection anyway: it's nothing but a relative standard or ideal projected onto women by a patriarchal media and it renders both women and men miserable. And I think, ultimately that is exactly what Alfie is, and to quote the song, "all about:" the absolute futility of seeking so called perfection, and readjusting your energy to meeting someone compatible and comfortable instead.

Jake P (jp) wrote: A great anthology film. The direction is wonderfully tense and creepy and Boris Karloff is great.

Brett J (nl) wrote: I love this movie! One of my favourites for sure. Great action scenes and amazing story! One of Jet Li's best!

David M (de) wrote: In 2001s 'Monsters, Inc', Sully and Wazowski are the best of friends, who work at the prestigious Monster, Inc of the title collecting the screams of children that powers their world.That's not the case in this prequel, which actually goes back to how they first met, at the 'Monsters University' of the title. Of course, they are immediately rivals, with this story detailing how they came to be the best of friends (along with the usual moral lesson along the way) ...Personally, I felt that this wasn't quite as good as the original, but it was better than some of Pixar's other more recent outputs.

Kevin W (nl) wrote: Lame in comparance to other movies like this

Chakubuta M (us) wrote: The best so far from Snipes after Passenger 57,