Special 26

Special 26

In the early 1980s in India, a group of con artists rob well-known businessmen and politicians by posing as officers of the Central Bureau of Intelligence or income tax officials. The gang stages fake raids during which they steal great amounts of money from their targets.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:144 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spy,   suicide,   torture,  

Based on real life incidents that occurred in India in 1987-88, the film tells the story of a gang of thieves who robs famous businessmen and politicians by posing as C.B.I and income tax officers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luis B (us) wrote: un thriller que entretiene, pense que iba a ser medio pelo, pero esta bien filmado.

Susan Sue M (it) wrote: This film is impressive to say the least. Through the use of violence, crime, and several other aspects in this movie, the Hughes brothers were able to create a powerful message. This movie clearly portrays a message that each choice an individual makes can have an impact on his life, specifically about whether he is going to live or die.

Jason C (nl) wrote: Prelude to a kiss is a nice little film without as much personality as its two star actors, Alec Baldwin and Meg Ryan could have given it with a better script. They're the main reason for this film working. It's not overly funny, not overly romantic, but it somehow works. I would recommend it to fans of romance movies, but not many others.

His L (jp) wrote: Well, this is certainly not a good film, but I do like a bit of low budget horror flicks now and again. Pretty much as soon as the film starts we are greeted with a quote from some entirely fictitious medical journal, "...and drugs of this group can produce the most complex hallucinations and under their influence it is possible by hypnosis to induce the subject to perform actions he would not normally commit". Apparently this was put there at the last minute to cash in on the late 60s drug phase, it certainly has nothing to do with the actual plot, the fluorescent green and pink titles is about as psychedelic as it gets. After this it cuts to some weird ritual involving a witch which is actually Barbara Steele done up in green body paint and wearing horns. Surrounding her are a couple of virgins and a leather wearing couple with whips, this is a sacrifice afterall. Throughout the film there are a couple of other scenes involving Barbara Steele and her menagerie, which are probably the most curious scenes. The rest of the story is pretty bland, it involves a man, looking for his missing brother, who visits a remote house which is where he was last seen. Christopher Lee stars as the suspicious owner of the house, who, I would just like to mention, ends up hypnotizing people with a rotating lampshade! His niece also lives in the house with him, unaware of the strange going ons. She doesn't really do much except for throw a hilarious looking wild party. Apart from this you've got the great Boris Karloff as well (at one point, when talking about how the house looks like it's from a horror film, the lead even says "It's like Boris Karloff is going to pop up at any moment.") There is definitely nothing special going on in this film, but it's interesting to see just the once.

Martin T (gb) wrote: You can tell this is a Howard Hawks film because it feels like a cross between Only Angels Have Wings and Bringing Up Baby... and maybe a Disney movie or a nature documentary. It's about a multi-cultural (although, notably, it's the two American white guys who end up with the girls) ragtag team of a big game hunters in the African wilderness. There isn't much of a plot, it's more a series of anecdotes. Some exciting, some funny, some cute. Some of the hunting scenes are marvelously done, and there's some of that terrific Hawks banter. But a lot of it just feels goofy, and the Henry Mancini score doesn't help (at least now I know where "Baby Elephant Walk" comes from). All it takes are a few lame sight gags or slapstick segments to ruin it, and there's more than a few. But I do love how Hawks handles the John Wayne persona and always makes him much more likeable and fallible. Overall it just didn't strike the right tone with me, too cutesy and flippant and dare I say wholesome, but there are some nice moments.

TheRookieWriter M (ca) wrote: Fucking stupid concept. The lady got a thing for a FUCKING BEE. A FUCKING BEE. The animation looks nice, but was there any thought put into this script?

Kevin O (fr) wrote: A bad and good movie in the same time

Ian C (fr) wrote: A truly fantastic biopic. Ethan Hawke is immense as Chet Baker. The story was unfamiliar to me so, that is probably why I enjoyed it so much and found the finale to be extremely tense. Excellent.