Special Correspondents

Special Correspondents

R2I, a famous news radio station, sends its best reporting duo to Iraq: Frank, journalist, and Poussin, sound engineer. Very quickly, millions of listeners follow their highly documented stories, reflecting the hot intensity of the fighting and the difficult survival of the population.

France mobilizes to gain the release of two kidnapped journalists in Iraq, but only the victims know the crime has been faked. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Esteban G (ag) wrote: "If you were smart you would know that you are dumb."Directed by Matt Piedmont (known mostly for his work in Saturday Night Live and the Funny or Die videos) and written by Andrew Steele, Casa de Mi Padre, is a spoof on the Mexican tele novellas. It was a nice idea, but poorly executed considering there were very few funny moments and five minutes into the film the gags wore off. This could have worked much better as a 5 minute skit in SNL, but it doesn't have enough comedic moments to carry the film for 80 minutes. I'll give Casa De Mi Padre credit for being original and for trying something different, but the story just dragged during most of the film. Will Ferrell surprised me as he delivered all his lines in spanish by learning them phonetically; he may not have spoken perfect spanish but he did a decent job and I had no problem understanding him. Unfortunately despite having an interesting idea for the film, the execution was just too simple and the laughs were practically nonexistent. Casa De Mi Padre is a hollow film and there isn't much more to it.Armando Alvarez (Will Ferrell) has been living in his father's ranch in Mexico all his life. He's not bright, but he's loyal to his father, Miguel (Pedro Armendariz Jr.). He spends most of his time with his buddies, Esteban (Efren Ramirez) and Manuel (Adrian Martinez) goofing around while he cares for his father's animals. His younger brother, Raul (Diego Luna), is an international businessman who has returned to save the ranch and introduce his new fianc, Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez), to the family. However, Raul seems to be running an illegitimate business and Armando warns him he has brought trouble to the ranch. The town's drug lord, Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal), has declared war on Raul for interfering in his area, while Raul has also drawn the attention of DEA Agent Parker (Nick Offerman).Will Ferrell is a funny guy and most of his films work for me, but Casa De Mi Padre is just too dull and uninspired. It's a shame because there is a talented cast, Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal are two of the best Mexican actors, Nick Offerman always delivers, and Genesis Rodriguez is a beautiful actress. I grew up in South America, so I'm familiar with the novellas they were trying to spoof, but after five minutes the jokes wore off. The trailers made me believe this was going to be hilarious, but it wasn't at all. There were some funny moments involving the production design and the animatronic white jaguar, but everything else was poorly executed.

Caleb C (it) wrote: Yee this movie is pretty fun and pointless to watch. But I did enjoy it for what it was, and I love the cast here.

Ashley A (jp) wrote: Great show!! I like how it makes you think about the nature of relationships and the memories you make with a person! Would definitely recommend!

Mark C (fr) wrote: If the girls in Tokyo are really like this, then I am officially terrified. :l

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Norman T (mx) wrote: Sounds very interesting

Joel A (de) wrote: A classic American wholesome story about the scouts in America at the time.Filled with many cliches this film is likeable & charming especially the supporting performance from Lillian Gish as the towns nosey & busy body.I believe it's Kurt Russell's first film & he is utterly fantastic as the young troubled kid.It's very predictable & a little corny but I found it well made & thoroughly interesting film.

Private U (ca) wrote: Watchable but weak imitation of the far superior "Gilda". Rita and Glenn try to rekindle their old magic in this otherwise routine film noir.

Kyle G (us) wrote: A pretty and unflinching look at senescence, family obligation, and the lifelong struggle against awkwardness and toward personal integrity. The acting (pre-Citizen Kane, so its dryness seems not to push in any extraordinary way at the concept) can often be a little weak or sappy, especially the weird hesitations and stilted monologues; but the drama is very elegantly generated out of small vignettes and arrested personal moments.

Antonius B (kr) wrote: Who can forget Max Schreck as the ultra-creepy 'Count Orlok', a classic performance in horror movie history? Director F.W. Murnau gives us a scary, macabre vampire, far from the smooth and suave Draculas in other versions, and uses shadows and shots of Orlok's face to scare the audience throughout the movie. Orlok has elongated arms and claw-like hands, dark eyebrows and glowering eyes with a sinister stare, and is truly spine-tingling. You see in this film so many of the trademark horror elements, such as the villagers in an inn warning young Hutter about the danger as he mentions his plans to go to Orlok's castle, which may remind you of movies like 1981's 'An American Werewolf in London'. And yet, this one deserves credit for being first, in 1922, and for giving us some fantastic scenes, such as the one of Hutter finding and opening his coffin, where we see just a fraction of Orlok's evil face initially, eyes open and long fangs visible. Alexander Granach is also great as 'Knock', his minion/ estate agent with giant, bushy eyebrows, who, when jailed, catches and eats flies for their blood.I don't think it's cool that Murnau changed the names around because he couldn't get movie rights to Bram Stoker's story, but I'm glad the film survived (Stoker's heirs wanted all prints destroyed). The movie drags on at times and the simplicity of the ending was not satisfying to me, so it fell a little short, but if you're into classic horror films, this is probably must-see and you may love it, instead of just liking it as I did.

Alex K (nl) wrote: Underrated, not great acting but enjoyable action.