Special Id

Special Id

A cop and his team of comrades go undercover in one of China's most ruthless underworld organizations to stop a gang leader, only to put themselves in great danger after being exposed one by one.

The movie is about a police named Dragon who is assigned breaking into underworld to prevent the baron’s conspiracy. The only way to report is to be arrested. The underworld’s baron suspect him and manage to reject all incursion attempt of Dragon. Dragon has to face with Sunny - the baron’s right-hand man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Magdalena T (mx) wrote: Misses the most important thing - what caused his behavior to change drastically...

Kathleen H (jp) wrote: I like the contrasting B&W scenes and cinematography, but I don't see why the film needs to be 3hrs long, the story was loosely presented, I can't help falling asleep meanwhile...

Dan R (it) wrote: Though visually intriguing at points the minimal style and bland narrative make it frustrating and painful to watch. Van Sant's films can be so sporadic at times that you almost want to give him a treat when he gets it right, unfortunately this isn't one of those films.

Dan O (mx) wrote: Makes Gangster Squad look like the freakin' Godfather.

Daniel S (br) wrote: Im a sucker for horror films, especially anthology ones, and i enjoyed this one well enough, its not trying to be anything great, just dopey fun, albeit with a lot of racist white people, tho it also has blacks as villains too, the only thing is that the 2nd story is way darker and serious than the rest, getting into child abuse, tho it ends pretty stupidly i thought

Joseph C (us) wrote: A good funny entertaining film with some timeless humor made by the actors.

Jason V (ag) wrote: Very funny and a bit moving love story's comedy by the excellent Farrelly bros.Michelle Monaghan is beautiful.

Allan C (br) wrote: Underrated John Wayne western, featuring Wayne's own son and also Robert Mitchum's son, Christopher. Richard Boone nearly steals the film from The Duke as the villain. The film was also written by two of the people who wrote the original "Dirty Harry".

James O (au) wrote: I really enjoyed the first Children of the Corn. I felt it was highly entertaining with good special effects and nice performances. The sequel, however, has much to be desired. The plot is a repeat of the original, this time with a new leader who isn't half as scary as Isaac from the original. However, it is watchable due to the decent performances by the cast and the inventive death scenes. However, the scenes between the deaths are pretty boring. The special effects are also very, very bad. But still, you've gotta love that Wizard of Oz reference and the remote control wheelchair.