SpEd Hearts

SpEd Hearts

a film by Felbert P. Go.

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SpEd Hearts torrent reviews

Jorge G (de) wrote: Poco ruidosa y muy melodiosa.

Emma S (gb) wrote: yer it was pretty suspenseful

Private U (gb) wrote: William Shatner sits down with Leonard Nimoy in his backyard for 90 minutes to ask about what it was like directing "Three Men And A Baby". TWIST ENDING: the backyard is really Steve Guttenberg's.

LAMES cant call her (mx) wrote: Dale Midkiff played the best Elvis by far!!! I am such a huge Elvis fan and i loved this movie!!

Thomas P (ag) wrote: Stylized and interesting, but goes off the rails by creating each scene with its own distinct theme, so it appears hammered together in the end.Decent story, with too much Hitchcockian Technicolor, and no real build up or emotional investment or payoff.A pretty picture with great ideas and interesting scenes, yet mediocre acting and an overall choppy consistency.This whole conspiracy theme was done much better and more consistently in The Parallax View with palpable tension and a sinister feel that is completely missing here.2.5 out of 5 cow eyed looks

Jeff D (ru) wrote: The Sword of Doom is a unique take on the samurai genre film. Tatsuya Nakadai plays a truly evil man who leaves nothing but destruction in his wake. Even by modern standards, The Sword of Doom is an ultra-violent picture that remains shocking. The ending is one of the most memorable in the history of Japanese cinema.

Brett C (ru) wrote: Absolutely Depressing, with the ending you would think the storyline was a pitch for a new religion.

Mr Movie R (it) wrote: My favorite heavy metal band+good acting+cinematography/pyrotechnics= My favorite music movie ever.