Juvenile delinquency is the topic is this late fifties flick.

Poland, during the World War. Lotna is a magnificent specimen of Arabian horse, the pride of her owner, too old to actually ride her but to whom she remains faithful nevertheless. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kerr L (it) wrote: I think it's my fave of the year so far, i know it's only almost march, but i was just expecting a typical action thang but this is a really funny and effective horror film. was highly amused.

Claudette A (kr) wrote: I still didn't get what all the fuss was about???

Alex G (de) wrote: Incredibly revealing. It teaches you to question, research, and second guess before making a presumption or holding an opinion . I wish more people would see this movie and learn to let their stance and opinions change and grow with time and new information.

Vincent P (ca) wrote: A surprisingly good sequel script that is completely botched by some seriously awful green screen work. How much did Jamie Bamber ask for to appear in this that they couldn't even afford to shoot in a cabin in the woods!?

Bob N (nl) wrote: This is a 2012 movie, not 2014.

Urmi C (gb) wrote: seams to be a bad and boring

Karine B (nl) wrote: Film difficile d'accs, mais il a eu le mrite de me faire rflchir beaucoup et de me provoquer. ? voir seulement si vous avez envie de rflchir...

Sam M (ru) wrote: The 1993 film "Menace II Society" is by far the best film of the year. The film shows that there is no easy way out of the hood and sends that message like no other film does. The film also greatly portrays how even the easiest things will set these gangbangers off and can drive them to kill. Just overall a terrific and greatly powerful film a 5/5

Kelly L (ru) wrote: A really interesting concept and a suspenseful mystery. I thought the resolution was a little messy but all in all a nice little diversion. Emma Thompson put in a dignified performance.

Gav M (us) wrote: A modernish day blaxploitation classic!

Jason K (it) wrote: This turned out to be a surprisingly funny (at times) parody of horror movies. If you love classic horror movies and stupid stuff then you should get a kick out of this.

Millo T (ru) wrote: Starts in a good tone, with a realistic approach to the arrival of a family from the South to Milano, but progressively, it falls in the common places of familiar stories, with their members choosing among sin or redemption. Maybe good in its moment, but now, difficult to see without thinking we have seen the story too many times (maybe, as a copy of this film). Good acting of Ann Girardot, although her character is quite inconsistent in her choices.

Beatrice Z (gb) wrote: This movie was heartbreaking. At times I had to look away because it was unbearable to see the emotional pain she was in, so sad. Susan Hayward was brilliant in this movie. Absolutely worth watching.

Russ B (ru) wrote: 12/27/2014: The cinematography was pretty bad in the 1970's, but this movie is still a classic. Bruce Lee was a badass!!

Derek B (it) wrote: Love this film; it's so good. Uplifting and positive. Also, Toothless without a single line is the best character. Period.