Speed Limited

Speed Limited

A wealthy blonde gal in Las Vegas gets mixed up with a lady gangster and the G-man that is chasing the gangster.

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Liam E (es) wrote: Wel dis moobie was du bum. Abiie is usch a adarbel people and shi knoes wuts upe. I agrea wif miriam butt i do nawt lyke moleste. SHe es tying to seal abiie 4rom vayjay. Vajay. jayva. vajay. For dose o not ceen tit, is a hawt smooching bube ho ties 2 get abiees. moleste atents 2 stel tat 4rom here. Moleste fels abiie en werid waws, and drasses here wit rundum colthes. Vajay es da unly uno 4 abiie. i ulso 8 kristi, she sux, i no racetits but shi sux bulls poe.-Neddy

Tyler P (au) wrote: Magnifique film d'une rare humanit et finalement plein d'espoir.

Pratyay K (ru) wrote: A bleeding, bloodshot-red, authentic painting of crime. Witness evolution of Rio, and downcast fate of the people to gratify their survival through lawbreaking. The film, provides an inside view of the city, culture, state and people beautifully. A compact, electrifying account of almost two decades of transgression.

Steve P (fr) wrote: Not bad for a low budget sic-fi

David H (ag) wrote: A gigantic Battle Epic with lot of great Battles and touching Drama in Front of the beautiful Panorama of the Kazhakian Plains what John Ford Western's was for the USA is this Movie for Kazhakstan the Birth Myth of Nation and that Horse Chick is uberfucking hot she looks like one of this extremly beautiful Girls from Corea

Kent L (us) wrote: oh god... i remember this movie and having to watch it and just being BORED OUT OF MY MIND... it was on disney channel all the time when i was a kid.

Aaron E (it) wrote: The many daylight scenes set it apart from most. Your'e not safe at anytime of day with a Maniac Cop.

Maark T (ca) wrote: Great piece of Kiwiana.

Ola G (kr) wrote: In 1912, married socialite Louise Bryant (Diane Keaton) encounters the radical journalist John "Jack" Reed (Warren Beatty) for the first time at a lecture in Portland, Oregon, and she is intrigued with his idealism. Upon meeting him for an interview on international politics which lasts over the course of a night, she realizes that writing has been her only escape from her frustrated high society existence. Inspired to leave her husband, Bryant joins Reed in Greenwich Village, New York City, and becomes acquainted with the local community of activists and artists, including anarchist and author Emma Goldman and the playwright Eugene O'Neill (Jack Nicholson). Later, they move to Provincetown, Massachusetts, to concentrate on their writing, becoming involved in the local theatre scene. Through her writing, Louise becomes a feminist and radical in her own right. Reed becomes involved in labor strikes with the "Reds" of the American Communist Labor Party. Obsessed with changing the world, he grows restless, and heads for St. Louis to cover the 1916 Democratic Convention. During Reed's absence, Louise falls into a complicated affair with the alcoholic playwright Eugene O'Neill. Upon his return, Reed discovers the truth about the affair and realizes he still loves Louise. The two marry secretly and make a home together in Croton-on-Hudson, north of New York City, but still have conflicting desires. When Reed admits to his own infidelities, Bryant takes ship to Europe to work as a war correspondent. After a flare-up of a kidney disorder, Reed is warned to avoid excessive travel or stress, but he decides to take the same path. Reunited as professionals, the two find their passion rekindled as they are swept up in the fall of Russia's Czarist regime and the events of the 1917 Revolution. "Reds" was nominated in 1981 for 12 Oscars and won 3 and this was a Warren Beatty vehicle from all angles. He directed, he wrote the script and he starred as Jack Reed. Been keen on seeing this much spoken about movie since it came out more or less. Personally, I reckon the story is there, its a fascinating time period and everything that happend in Russia then, but I disliked the cut up edited narrative, the inclusion of interviews with "witnesses" (the real-life surviving participants in the events), Jack Nicholson lost performance and Warren Beattys wobbly acting at times. The first part of the movie is like one gigantic road to nowhere with Beatty and Keaton changing facial expressions and environments, but it picks up in the second half. This was obviously something extraordinary in 1981, but hardly in 2012. It has aged a bit so so in my opinion. But, storywise its quite intriguing. And thus I really understand why Beatty wanted to bring this to the screen.

Casey H (fr) wrote: An astoundingly polished Spaghetti Western, this is one of the best films the genre ever produced. Sollima's relentless pacing never allows for a dull moment, but still is able to capture the beautiful, rugged imagery we expect from a Spaghetti. The film is structured as a "chase" movie, with Van Cleef's Corbett in relentless pursuit of Milian's "Cuchillo", and they both turn in fantastic performances, especially Tomas Milian. The twist is delivered brilliantly about three quarters through the movie which leads to an epic stand-off between Corbett and his employer, Brockston. The back-to-back duel sequence during the final moments of the film are absolutely stunning, all timed to an excellent Ennio Morricone score. Classic Italian Western and is essential viewing for fans of Leone or Corbucci films.

Tara M (gb) wrote: Amazing man, amazing film! Can't wait for the DVD!