A race car driver tries to outrun the beautiful tax auditor out to settle his account.

Poor bookkeeping saddles stock car driver Steve Grayson with a huge bill for back taxes which hampers his ability to continue racing competitively. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Speedway torrent reviews

Howard C (ru) wrote: If you like rock 'n roll love this movie great inside stories about the business and the artist

Sally J (gb) wrote: a little bit of curiosity, a little bit humor, a little bit familiar, and in the end, all so emotional.

Bradley P (fr) wrote: An honest attempt at a ghost story that falls from poor acting and logic throughout the film.

Luc I (it) wrote: Quelques longueurs, mais un point de vue interessant.

Sandhya S (jp) wrote: the best english indian film i've ever seen. hands down and by far. brilliant mix of hindi, bengali, tamil and english dialogue in an india that we never hear about - the outer forests and hills. and the dialogue is only beaten by the brilliant cinematography. since most of this movie is in at least one indian language, i suggest finding the youtube version with english subtitles; but all in all an epic milestone in filmmaking - indian or otherwise.

Stephen L (es) wrote: Fantastic wrap up to a phenomenal show.

Jason D (fr) wrote: More of the same formulaic medicine. Kids turn evil and prophetic over the infamous and always mysterious deity known as He Who Walks Behind the Rows. This entry has a slight advantage over the others for its massive array of known and popular talent within the cast including Alexis Arquette (still a male as this stage of his career) as one of the leads, Eva Mendez in an early role that questions why she became to popular, a couple of Zappa young'n's show up, as well as icons David Carradine (as the resident adult mid-level prophet leading the children, Fred Williamson (as the town sheriff who meets a gory demise), and the great Kane Hodder (also the film's stunt coordinator) as a bartender. Most of the people in this die in slightly gruesome and gory deaths, which is nice, but it's mostly the same tried and true fare in this 5th entry to a steadily declining series. I will say this is the last decent one of the bunch.

Barry T (jp) wrote: Good lord this had a twist and a half and was rather silly at the same timePierce you are irish so why the weird take on an irish accent???Dreadful

Tor M (de) wrote: My third Fellini I believe, and this one is also not making me go totally wild about him. This is maybe his "easiest" film that I have seen so far. It's funnier, and the surrealism is easier to spot. Not the weirest of films, but I catch it as a blend of "Malena" and "Santa Sagre". There are many great scenes here. They are smart, funny, original or pretty - many of them certainly leave an impression. It's at a rather fast pace and loads of things appear all the time.I feel it's biographical and dealing with his own childhood. The man has commented on that and said that it's not, but it really got that nostalgia or memory feel.Girls and smokes. Drinks and farts. Weirdness and seriousity. You can relate, you can admire it.7.5 out og 10 snowy peacocks.

Claire T (ag) wrote: loved it, David Tennant played a good part, I want it on DVD, it was a great movie but I thought it was a bit too long, I thought it was great movie, it was directed by Gregory Doran, it also starred Patrick Stewart

Carolyn Carrie S (jp) wrote: I guess it was a super popular movie back in their time....but I hardly find it a classic. I actually watched the whole thing...I was shocked they openly talked about sex in those movies!! HA HA!

Domi d (ca) wrote: This movie isa very good drama and Sean Penn is brilliant as everytimes when he's in a drama.

gibbom8dman8 (nl) wrote: Was an inspirational movie.

Larry Epstein Hollywood Exec (gb) wrote: Just watched this with my wife's son and it was fantastic! Now we know whats eating Gilbert Grape 10/10

Sanchayan S (de) wrote: Beautifully presented , excellent cinematography but above all a deep story involving a lot of emotions of different aspects of life