When Dr. Anthony Edwardes arrives at a Vermont mental hospital to replace the outgoing hospital director, Dr. Constance Peterson, a psychoanalyst, discovers Edwardes is actually an impostor. The man confesses that the real Dr. Edwardes is dead and fears he may have killed him, but cannot recall anything. Dr. Peterson, however is convinced his impostor is innocent of the man's murder, and joins him on a quest to unravel his amnesia through psychoanalysis.

The film tells the story of Dr. Murchison, the new head of the Green Manors mental asylum who turns out not to be what he claims. He is in fact a paranoid amnesiac impostor, who may also be a killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian M (ru) wrote: ... PERFECTA, es magnifica este planteamiento de historias entrelazdas .. sin los tradicionales CLICHES .. con una muy buena narrtiva.. una banda sonora que que hace brillar a la pelicula... y actores de estratosfericas magnitudes... julie gayet.... FUCK

Will B (kr) wrote: It was okay but not an endong

Jill H (mx) wrote: blast from the past :P i don't know why i loved this movie so much, but i miss julia stiles!! so glad she's coming back in Dexter :)

Bradley C (us) wrote: Like 'Speed', only they have to keep the explosives below a certain temperature to stop it from exploding.

Kjetil H (de) wrote: Rotete,men speica!Her trkker de til med feminisme,homokamp,hippie ideologi,og alt mulig annet,Uma styrer oxo universet via sine kjempe tomler,sikkert en kul bok,men her blir det mye fjas og mas,men peyote spisende militante cowgirls p helsefarmen er kult!

Patrick D (ca) wrote: Anything with River Phoenix is worth seeing at least once, I feel.

Chris H (br) wrote: Definitely a guilty pleasure movie because from a critical standpoint this is a bad movie. That being said it is fairly over the top and interesting enough to make it a somewhat enjoyable film.

Gemma B (de) wrote: Great concept and some good, typically-Aussie, humour but in the end was a little to superficial to make any powerful point.

Jordan K (ag) wrote: As much as people say this was bad, I found it actually good. I mean, of course, it's silly, the character of Sammy Petrillo is a bit annoying at times, but overall I thought it wasn't that bad.The plot is a bit strange: Performers Duke and Sammy (made to resemble Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin) get stranded on an island, but it isn't as bad as it seems- there's hot (and not so hot) girls and luaus. However, Duke and Sammy meet the mysterious Dr. Zabor (Bela Lugosi), who is jealous of Duke and the Chief's daughter, Nona,'s romance, so he concocts a scheme to turn Duke into a gorilla, but people can't save Duke for 2 reasons: they think he is another chimp, Romona- and two, he can't talk- but can sing.Okay, it wasn't a fantastic movie. It's just that people say this movie was one of the worst, and I don't truthfully think that. It was a bit silly at times, but I like silly, but some parts were over the top.The only thing really painful to me was Duke Mitchell's singing. It was really terrible, too much shakyness in his voice ruined the movie's songs, but the comedy and writing wasn't bad. The storyline- okay, a little strange, but the title just means that Duke is, well, a gorilla who used to be from Brooklyn.I would suggest it, it wasn't bad, but not the best movie ever.

Evan T (fr) wrote: Fun, interesting story, it seemed a little abrupt at how quickly it seems to resolve itself. (2-29-16)

Sunshine J (es) wrote: love this movie soooooo funny

Andr C (it) wrote: Great performance of Jennifer Lawrence!

Michael T (mx) wrote: It's a joy to see Tandy & Cronyn together but the film itself is slight and silly.