Spend It All

Spend It All

Portrait of the Cajun lifestyle in Southwest Louisiana.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:41 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Les Blank
  • Writer:N/A

Portrait of the Cajun lifestyle in Southwest Louisiana. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian C (ru) wrote: Above average British crime caper, Ramsay Snow from Game of Thrones, Treadaway, Spall and in particular Neil Maskell are great, the plot is not without its flaws but overall, a really enjoyable flick.

Dave C (jp) wrote: Three charming and amusing stories about love as you age. In the end genuinely touching during the much mentioned de Niro strip tease. If you liked the previous two films you really ahve to see this one which I actually preferred.

Aries M (us) wrote: Five-star gorgeous, sexy and very romantic.

Judith T (it) wrote: Not an ordinary story

Mandela W (ru) wrote: So this is similar to a tarantino flick but it doesn't posses the same wit and humor as his films have. Only good thing was that the editing is tremendous scenes flow so well into each other like each one dives into the other. this MUST be commended. the cast was hit or miss. some stoodout while others faultered immeasureably such as Taraji P Henson and Ray Liotta hell even common wasn't intriguing me here. pretty crazy to see joel edgerton's earliest role. I liked ben afflecks new york accent and he pulls off the swagger of a new Yorker well despite being a bostontonian. he was pretty good during his limited time on screend. Alicia keys is not bad in here. she has real pose and can deliver lines really well. her voice just grabs your attention as it should since she is a musician as well. I was impressed by her. she should do more action films or at least crime films Jeremy piven is decent here but not much dimension with his character. he just seemed like a sleazebag. actually he reminded me a bit of his character on entourage. ryan Reynolds was his usual witty self here but not often you see him playing cops.the story itself was a bit of a mess I must say. the writing is lackluster to say the least. The direction was muddled. Coming off of the fantastic and hard hitting Narc Joe Caranhan struggles with his story telling here among this cast of newbees and vets. it really became a bit of hot mess. the action scenes were pretty good though.Aaaaand the final verdict.....Smokin Aces SUCKED!!

HungYa L (mx) wrote: Spy Game is one of those clever spy movies.

Ryan B (ru) wrote: What is this? A center for ants?!?!

John S (ag) wrote: The story is solid though not exceptional, but if Chinese history isn't your bag then you might have trouble grasping it well. The fight scenes aren't as frequent as it could have been and is also a bit on the wire fu side with an emphasis on stunts and wirework but still very entertaining. The film lacks a sense of polish with some lazy editing, camerawork, writing and an underwhelming performance by the supporting cast. All in all, Once Upon A Time In China is a pretty good kung fu film, but I do find myself disappointed considering its incredible reputation.

ka m (it) wrote: I'm a fan of theatre turned into film, although some do not work as well. This is one, but it's better that this story be preserved on film as a 6 out 10 than not at all (especially considering it's under exposed subject matter). Fawcett converts many who wrote her off as a bimbo. It's not that difficult a part, but she still had to nail it.

Dustin G (gb) wrote: An interesting portrait of mental illness. Some fine performances and an intimate setting make it all feel very cozy, in kind of a cold way. It'a small movie about big themes and for all it does well, doesn't really leave a real lasting impact on the viewer. It's also tryingly slow, even at just under an hour and a half. Anyone familiar with Bergman's pacing will know what to expect in that regard though. It is one of a trilogy, perhaps it needs to be taken in as one third to be more effective overall.

Thomas M (nl) wrote: The early notes to what looks to be a classic symphony.

Scott L (ag) wrote: How does one define "bad"? It may be "Event Horizon."

Galvy F (ca) wrote: When we see a time we couldn't see today to have an interpretation of how chosen people are able to avoid a different outcome in their life, when we see God watches over them. When we see that God took a man to the right path that took his people to the right path in order live accordingly to how God intended them to live. When what we see or dont see that is mentioned in the bible, we know that we see a man of strength in and out that sacrificed plenty over visions he could see and make others see. When we see Moses hand at wirk, gods hand at work and the people's hand at work that brought the faith yo where it is today. When not much could stand in our way to see God, we are not blind sighted or blocked along the way, when we see hod is on our side to move us. When what we see we rule over when we are the son of a king. When we naturally see everything when we need victory. When we see everything is a sign of what's to come, what's to follow, and what we need to do. When what we see we have an entire nation behind us. When we see what others instructed us to see when we have to look over one another. When we see with our vary eyes to feel we are one and strong. When we see change is coming, when we have to build our Empire. When we see whom some people are to know they are well suited, kind, and one of us. When we see but can't believe a when we can't be seen in such places or be seen to come from there. When what we see we know others time to go, to let them go and give them a proper send off into what we can't see. When we see who will reign over the nation. When what we see it is of value to us when it's worth a price for betrayal. When what we see we need to know the truth. When what we see we dread that we banish those whom didn't see before but know from our sight. When we have visions of ourselves as king and those beside us and those not with us that we send them out. When we see we can't go any further when life is close at end we are given a sign of 2 sacrifices we see to keep us going. When we see God has a plan for us all to see we are kept safe and others pay for ways. When we see a place that needs help to offer it when there is trouble. When we see we are welcomed in people's homes whom see us as no threat but help. When we see other things we like to stay when we see our life with some people whom is our family. When we need to see some people gor whom they are within to see they are true for us.When we see we have found peace, when we begin a new life. When we see we are blind sighted at what we dont see to show signs that we are an unfaithful king, to see to it that it's done anyway. When what we see we are blind sighted by the force that takes us down. When we vacant believe what we see to seek their help. When we see what we must do when we see we are able to. When we see this is God's calling to us when what we see as our own is really Gods, for no one to see they are slaves. When we see we must free our people when we are asked to fight.

hate e (jp) wrote: Serves me right. Usually before I order something through Video On Demand, I do a little research. After all, why would someone give their money away? If you wanted to make an investment, you would first research the venture, wouldn't you? So, I take time to research a desirable title and then watch a trailer or head to the usual internet staples such as IMDb or rottentomatoes just to make sure I know what I am about to get myself into. But here I was on a quiet Sunday afternoon flipping through the VOD options when I stumbled across the icon for Inkubus. I thought it was a safe bet. After all, it listed Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), William Forsythe (Dear Mr. Gacy, Boardwalk Empire) and Jonathon Silverman (Weekend at Bernies) on the one-sheet. Surely there must have been something there to lure three known B-actors to the project. Surely. Inkubus takes place in an old police station about to be demolished. The police have a man wanted for a woman's murder handcuffed inside when Inkubus (Englund) appears at the station holding the head of the deceased female. Inkubus is calm and confident and the police immediately misrepresent his 'turning myself in' intentions. As the police begin to interrogate the Inkubus, he confesses to crimes that date back centuries. That is when retired detective Gil Dimante (Forsythe) is called in to help with the interrogation. Seems the Inkubus and Mr. Diamante have some history that Inkubus is eager to settle. Unfortunately for the remaining staff of the police station, the journey to the film's conclusion will be filled with gruesome displays of murder and magic that leave not only the characters, but also the audience, scratching their heads. Inkubus was a straight to DVD/VOD release and it is clear why it was not given a chance to disappoint theatrically. The whole piece from beginning to end was a mess. The story was as weak as an Olson twin on a hunger strike and the production values - in particular the sound - was unforgiveingly bad. Each line sounded as if it was dubbed in an empty school hall and if not for the talented cast trying their best to overcome the inferior production values, I would have likely turned this mess off within minutes and chalked it up to a bad investment. Surprisingly, the main cast come out of the experience no worse for wear, in particular Englund that shows he has acting chops even when not donning prosthetics that turn him into a burn victim that haunts teenagers on Elm Street in their dreams. Still, a salvageable performance or two is hardly cause for a celebration. Writer/director Glenn Ciano had some pull to get Englund, Forsythe, Silverman and Joey Fatone to the location shoot every day. But whether this still novice director has any true talent is yet to be seen.

Daniel G (us) wrote: Starts off with a great plot, but eventually turns into a different kind of movie with plenty of pretention. Overall ok space-flick.

Paula B (nl) wrote: Rather disjointed and slow at times, but some genuinely scary, jump out of your seat moments. Interesting premise that's not really been done to death before.