Spenser: The Judas Goat

Spenser: The Judas Goat

Spenser is hired out by Hugh Dixon to track down the killers of his wife and daughters. He and Hawk are drawn into a huge plot involving assassination attempts on African leader Winston Boyko by some racist terrorist named Paul.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,   sequel,  

Spenser is hired out by Hugh Dixon to track down the killers of his wife and daughters. He and Hawk are drawn into a huge plot involving assassination attempts on African leader Winston ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim B (fr) wrote: While at first glance the plot seems stupid, the execution was so well done that it makes for an interesting albeit questionable experience. I liked how this film really did delve into the complexities that might arise if this could happen. Also i thought the acting and voice over were superb and well casted. At times this movie is weird and silly, but for most part it does get you thinking about r increasing reliance on tech gadgets and our human relationships now with less and less face to face time-catfish ring a bell?

Rawballs B (nl) wrote: The story was surprising, enduring and breathtaking... and especially the acting by Mo'Nique... Respectfully deserved the Oscar...

Ayyash A (ca) wrote: A sincere portrayal on the true meaning of friendship when barriers of culture, background and faith are put aside.

Catherine K (ag) wrote: Underrated. It's a fun action movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and doesn't drag on forever with talky bits. A breath of fresh air in a film world that thinks the only people we want to see kicking ass are old grizzled white dudes.

Wrik S (br) wrote: Comes to a dead end, very soon

Phil H (jp) wrote: Not a bad concept from Mr Pyun this time, a crime boss gets all his enemies in one place and holds a competition to win 10million. Thing is the competition is an outright killing match between everyone with no rules accept survive anyway you can. This of course equals a mass of gun fighting and violence as baddies scramble to win and survive. Could of been totally cool but Pyun has gone down the light-hearted route and added a silly soundtrack of upbeat tunes along with a black/gallows type humour. I like the idea of gallows humour but I just feel this could of been much better as an out n out serious hard action flick. Still its pretty good, has a few of Pyun's regular cast favourites and the always annoying mistake that a lot of action flicks suffer. A seemingly never ending stream of useless cannon fodder henchmen which always leads you to ask yourself...where did they all come from?, why are they such mindless sheep? and why are they all so ineffective?!.

re m (ca) wrote: An A O K war movie/alien invasion crossover shot in semi documentary style - - -really not bad. ( FUN, even )

faii C (ru) wrote: I quite like this film and how it talked about pharmaceutical business (blood company). It's a good irony. But since the background of the film was in the future and there's science, I expected a lot more scientific stuffs about the vampire and all. Still it's a quite enjoyable film.

Danny M (nl) wrote: I watched this movie with my father (Apparently, he misunderstood the title as Julia Roberts doing a "Full Frontal") This movie was a living migraine. Either that, or it was the brain freeze I got from the theater slushy. Poor filming in areas and confusing seen shifts made this the hardest movies to live through. Avoid, if possible. Though, I may still buy the DVD so I can show mom that Julia Roberts did do a bad movie. (She claims JR never did a bad one)

Aaron M (de) wrote: Childs Play is where it all started and it hasn't particularly aged well. That said its still the best in the franchise to date. Although its a ridiculous concepts, credit where its due, its innovative and works well. Where its sequels grows stupid, theres a sort of discipline to the original and because of that its a more suspenseful horror as a result. I find it difficult to find it scary or menacing due to the cliched shots and humour but its definitely entertaining to watch as Chucky becomes the terminator towards the end.