Speriamo che sia femmina

Speriamo che sia femmina

A critique of the role of the male in modern Italian society and has demonstrated the possibility of a form of 'female bonding' between women who live, by choice, in a world without men

A critique of the role of the male in modern Italian society and has demonstrated the possibility of a form of 'female bonding' between women who live, by choice, in a world without men . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stacey S (fr) wrote: This Movie Is Coming Onto DVD 2/24/09 & I Can't Wait To Get it !

Asa B (fr) wrote: A curious way to spend an, err, evening, but it just about keeps your interest to the very end.

Terri H (jp) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Dan G (de) wrote: With remembrance of Columbine? This is the best emotional, dramatic and suspenseful tearful movie you will see all year. I guarantee it. I was speechless at how incredible this movie was. Do NOT miss this one.

Lana D (nl) wrote: :fresh: Since [I]Picture Claire[/I] did not receive any publicity, I just happened to stumble across this gem, and lucky I did, too. [I]Picture Claire[/I] is now one of my all-time favorites. Juliette Lewis and Gina Gershon are both spectacular, delivering outstanding performances (I'm a big fan of both actresses). Synopsis? In only a few hours, Claire's (Juliette Lewis) life will take a drastic turn. Escaping a group of vengeful drug dealers, she flees to Toronto hoping to find Billy, the man of her dreams. But as the old saying goes, appearances aren't everything, and Claire is about to become entangled in a web of deadly secrets. Fighting against time and a case of mistaken identity, Claire must race to clear her name and get out alive. I can't say that this movie is lacking in [I]any[/I] department. It's hard to find good movies today and even harder if you're looking for originality. So, I wanted originality, I got [I]Picture Claire[/I]. I must also note the score - the music is [I]unbelievable[/I]. Above all, I enjoyed the wonderful cinematography. Yeah, well, let's just say I loved [I]everything[/I] and make it easier. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend [U]NOT[/U] shoving [I]Picture Claire[/I] to the side. Hey, when at your video rental, pick up a copy. Enjoy! :)

Coatis J (ca) wrote: pretty hood good organized

jennifer c (es) wrote: I love this movie. It can be a little over the top at times but shows that even though you can always go home it is never the same.

Robyn M (mx) wrote: Who knew Goldie's ASSets would come to play various times throughout the comedy induced action-thriller or should I say Action-flubber?!Okay, so it's hard not to point out the fact Bird on A Wire was filmed in Ontario Canada, the clues add up when your in the mall scene Hawn & Gibson walk down a flight of stairs- directly above them our the Provinces Flags.Then during the driving scene while Hawn's taking the wheel (unwillingly I might add), you can See Niagara's Tower is perched on the left side of the screen. During the Chinatown Scene I'm all to familiar with San Francisco's Front/Back streets. While completing the film in California they chose the foggy city as a backdrop. To convince me otherwise that they were in Detroit is hard to believe. Perhaps the downside of travelling you spot landmarks that convince you otherwise.Aside from the cheap shots, cheesy punchlines and silly speed chases, Bird on A Wire delivers enjoyable entertainment.

adesola h (au) wrote: Love the songs...it is kinda touching!!!!!!!

Craig F (es) wrote: Carpenter has never made a movie as touching as this one. Bridges and Allen have fantastic chemistry.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: I found FW Murnau's The Last Laugh to be a masterpiece. I think what captivated me was the fact that this was made in 1924, and the sets and make up are not dated at all. The story of an old man who loses his job but tries to fool people into thinking he still has it is nothing new by today's standards. But back then it worked out great. I had heard that FW Murnau and the script writer Carl Mayer wanted the old man to die at the end, but the studio wouldn't have it. So a more up beat ending was made. And to tell the truth, I like the newer ending a lot. The original ending would have been amazing if they had kept it, but I am a sucker for a heart warming ending. This is a movie with no dialogue, or in this case dialogue intertitles, and is instead replaced with expressions and body language to tell the story. And I very much liked that. I'm a big fan of Murnau's work, and The Last Laugh is no acception.

Joey Q (gb) wrote: Matthew McConaughey in a non chick flick. Demons, Angels and psychopaths. Was a bit predictable for me.

Andy W (fr) wrote: Pacino does a good cantankerous turn but the whole thing is so downbeat that it's hard to warm to it.