The mastermind behind a ubiquitous spy operation learns of a dangerous romance between a Russian lady in his employ and a dashing agent from the government's secret service.

  • Category:Action, Romance, Thriller
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:BushCuLan
  • Country:Germany
  • Director:Fritz Lang
  • Writer:Thea von Harbou (novel), Fritz Lang, Thea von Harbou (screenplay)

Haghi is a criminal mastermind whose ubiquitous spy operation is always several steps ahead of the police and the government's secret service. Enter Agent 326, the daring and dashing young man, who thinks his disguise as a dirty, bearded vagrant is fooling the unknown mastermind and his minions. But Haghi is well aware of 326's existence and what he looks like. Enter Sonya, a Russian lady in Haghi's employ. Haghi wants Sonya to subvert the efforts of the government agent, but doesn't count on her falling in love with him. Meanwhile, Haghi is anxious to get his hands on a Japanese peace treaty in the possession of the cunning Doctor Masimoto, whose mistress is also in his employ. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth S (au) wrote: For a movie with Zekrom in title, Zekrom was barely in it. In fact, for a while I thought the movie theater screwed up and played Pokemon Black because Reshiram was in the movie a lot. The movie was overall okay. I didn't hate it but didn't love it either.

Teresa S (gb) wrote: Although not an original theme, think it will be interesting to see what direction Director Jin-ho Hur takes.

Aaron P (kr) wrote: "Thai Braveheart" has been said by multiple other reviewers, and it sticks for a reason.Extra novelty points for telling me about stuff I had no idea about.

Brian P (kr) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

Andrei T (ru) wrote: really amazing cinema, swedish eye and heart candy. one of the best movies I saw this year ... can't believe it took me so long to discover it. Katherine, you'll love it.

Temptations Wings (br) wrote: I absolutly loved this film. It spoke volumes to the things we'll do not only for acceptance but for the chance to rebel against the norm.

James P (jp) wrote: A superb political comedy, and Kline-as always-is superb!

Theis K (au) wrote: I especially dug the part where Count Basie's musicians are crying :-)

Calib M (es) wrote: Billy Wilder shows us for the first time he's not only a master of Drama but also Comedy with ''Stalag 17'' (with many more comedies to come in his career, e.g, Some Like it Hot and The Apartment), a dark, satirical comedy in a backdrop of a POW camp in World War II.''Stalag 17'' shines with rich characters beautifully portrayed by known and unknown actors in combination of yet another masterfully written script by Wilder himself

Josh K (ru) wrote: This is a flawed masterpiece. The acting is pretty hammy, and the film is hard to follow--Eisenstein does not make clear the causal relations between events, and sometimes the way he sets his scenes up he inadvertently implies a causal relationship (e.g. a rabble invades the palace to complain about the boyars, and after Ivan deals with them Kazan emissaries arrive to threaten the Tsar). But the mise en scene is amazing. It is also difficult to tell the supporting cast apart, especially the males supporting cast who all seem to be rotund and have shaggy hair and beards. The backgrounds--mostly interiors of the Tsar's palace--are overwhelming and, with their Russian Christian Orthodox iconography, give the sense of a dreamlike, perhaps nightmarish world. I am thinking in particular of the set in the first scene, where Ivan is crowned Tsar, as well as the scene where Kurbsky propositions Anastasia, with a huge eye of Jesus in the background. Eisenstein makes dramatic use of lighting; sometimes he uses extreme backlighting to cast a character's silhouette up against a large wall. And he also is a variety of camera angles; sometimes his camera appears to be looking up to give the character a sharp, angular, almost demonic appearance.

James K (ca) wrote: This film reminds me of an Agnes Varda documentary: you start out thinking it's about one thing, but it turns into quite another. The story begins when the filmmaker runs an announcement of his marriage to another man in his hometown newspaper in the small, conservative town of Oil City, PA. Not surprisingly there is quite a backlash, especially from the head of a local right-wing fundamentalist group. But instead of spending the next hour on the pros and cons of same-sex marriage, the filmmaker begins to explore what it's like to be gay or lesbian in a rural community. ' Soon, the film evolves into a completely different set of interrelated stories about a gay youth who is being tormented at the oil City High School and his brave mom, two women who are trying to build a business, and a fundamentalist preacher who has second thoughts about the consequenceses of his religious pronouncements. Each character is wonderful in their own way, but I especially liked the mother, Kathy, who is like a lioness fighting for her cubs. Despite the serious subject matter, the documentary has plenty of joy and humor. I was fortunate to watch a preview screening in my home town with a supportive audience, and they were alternately crying, laughing and cheering. This is the best documentary I've watched in a long time. The real beauty is that it's not just for the already enlightened. Nobody with a heart could watch this film and not be deeply moved.

Joseph F (mx) wrote: An intelligent live action version of an intelligently written animated TV sci-fi show. Will definitely be added to library upon release!