Festive children's animation following the adventures of a young elf who graduates to Santa's workshop. Unfortunately, as hard as Spike tries, he struggles to adapt to life in the workshop and cause no end of trouble. From the award winning producer of Jungle Bunch, Spike is the amazing story of how a little elf save Christmas.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

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Spencer S (nl) wrote: Moote may come off as narcissist in this film, which is probably why a broad scope of people found the film to be disgusting, insufferable, and shady. I empathized with the guy more than I demonized him, for the simple reason that public humiliation and emotional turmoil often make us insecure. Everyone is insecure in some way or another, and Moote lets us travel the world to see the insecurities of many men. He debunks myths, shows the importance of love versus lust, and eventually realizes that for himself. This is an important film for men with these kinds of fears, so they know the problems they may be forcing on themselves, but it's also a sweet journey of a man realizing size doesn't matter unless you make it matter. For that reason, I found this a very informational and entertaining watch.

Emily D (jp) wrote: This movie was more about the jokes than the plotline. Which is fine but it would have been better movie if it had a more directed plot. There was also a rape joke that I didn't care for. Ben Schwartz was my favorite part. I also liked Jake Johnson's small random insertion as the roommate who died from AIDS (that shouldn't be funny, but it was).

Brad S (nl) wrote: This one has a decent young cast with Efron, Teller, Jordan and Poots, but the script isn't great. There's a couple amusing moments but nothing hilarious. Worth watching only for fans of the actors.

John B (kr) wrote: really enjoyed this sequel and through they did an even better job than the first one. I look forward to the next installment in this series

Sandra G (kr) wrote: Ok so it's not going to win any awards, and I'm not sure I'd watch it again but it was actually ok for a chick flick rom com to watch with wine and a box of chocs.

Kyle C (de) wrote: Wow. This is one excellent piece of film making, Joaquin Phoenix does it again and definitely has an Oscar in his future (well at least he better).

Vivek R (mx) wrote: brilliant movie... one of mohanlal's best performances...

Ciaran S (de) wrote: Literally only a few writers and directors managed to find a way to fill the entire film with 99% of burp jokes ,bad puns, weird CGI & pointless human characters. It's actually mind-blowing how this film is actually obvious ,clearly because this is bearly anything to do with the comics.

Kirk S (br) wrote: An interesting movie. Great interviews that are told honestly and truthfully. Some in suport of Ron others against. Considering it's a documentery on him, it pulls no punches and at times seems alittle rough on the guy. Personally seeing an insecure, humble yet self obsessed Ron makes me feel sorry for him. Question is he really happy??

Adam R (de) wrote: Despicable and cold-blooded. I hated it! How can anybody identify with this cruel movie? (First and only viewing - 7/25/2008)

Carly J (kr) wrote: Fucking weird made-for-tv movie I watched late one night bored on foxtel. Pretty lame, had some heaps creepy dude in it though.

Michael S (gb) wrote: Just another reason Kurosawa continues to reign as my favorite director. So few people can make films this epic and this intimate. Plus it has one of the best uses of color in film history.

Justin S (it) wrote: All you need is good people.

Emily B (kr) wrote: Yes, it's very dated, yes, it's a touch overlong, but it's still very entertaining. There are some great musical numbers, with incredible choreography by Bob Fosse, especially 'Rich Man's Frug'. The scenes between the songs however did seem to drag on at times.

Greg W (nl) wrote: Woodward carries everything with her faultless performance. also paul newman's directorial debut.

Sophie T (mx) wrote: 3 stars because Alfie is my favourite name, Jude Law is cute as hell, Sienna Miller is fabulous and I wanted to see how it ended but that really is being generous.