Band singer/race driver Mike McCoy must choose between marrying a beautiful rich girl and driving her father's car in a prestigious race.

Band singer/race driver Mike McCoy must choose between marrying a beautiful rich girl and driving her father's car in a prestigious race. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Spinout torrent reviews

Sushim A (br) wrote: the worst movie i have even seen

Rudy G (es) wrote: Weird....yet suspenseful horror film

Anna S (fr) wrote: Weak storyline, repetitive, the characters are undeveloped and some things aren't explained well (I'm not a doctor). The twist at the end is probably the only thing going for it.

Karen T (es) wrote: funny as the sequels......good

Amelia T (br) wrote: depp's acting is simply .. great. storyline's riveting enough too.

Eshaan L (it) wrote: This movie Reminds me 70's Big bird cage Trilogy which was far better than this shit ,,,,however it is worth watching these classic girls with shots ,,,,hahaha !!

bethene s (de) wrote: it was very good movie

Michael S (br) wrote: Dudley Moore discovers that a spoonful of sugar doesn't help the medicine go down. Indeed, it brings on a mid-life crisis instead. He spots a girl named Derek and pursues her all the way to Mexico. He saves her new husbands life and as a reward offers herself to him. He realises that maybe everything was all fine with the sound of music and to win back Poppo before Dick Van Dyke comes-a-calling. Long story short Torvill and Dean will be horrified . . .

Justine S (de) wrote: I?m not sure exactly what to make of this film, I?m barely sure if I even like it. It?s certainly a puzzling portrait of violence and unhappiness. It?s unclear how much of it is fantasy, or if any of it is. The film begins with Poppo (the Girl) being raped on a rooftop. By her own account, this is the second time this has happened, and now she wants to die. Tsukio lives in the building, and followed the other boys up to the roof and watched, though he didn?t partake. When morning comes, he tries to dissuade the girl from both killing herself, or at least from staying on the roof forever. Though just an hour, the film is filled to the rafters. Focusing particularly on sexual trauma and fear, both characters reveal to each other their own violent and traumatic sexual experiences. They?re both quite young, teens, and do not understand the situations that surround them. When The Girl asks to die, the boy asks her why. She cannot understand, she says it isn?t because she was raped, but something else. Her answers change and shift as the film goes on, as do her recollections of her past and family. Nothing seems certain, or real. She lives in a disturb and diluted world of violence and unhappiness. Is this film about purity? The loss of innocence? It could be. The treatment and abuse of children as sex objects. Or perhaps, their own diluted understanding of events beyond their understanding. Skewed views of events and experiences that they were simply not ready for. The violence is greatly affecting, and really quite difficult to watch. It?s difficult for me personally to come to terms with it? obviously, it?s not meant to be enjoyed, but I want to look away and block it off. Is it an expression of male rage? The falling back on violence, and ?penetration?, a revenge in it?s purest right. The girl remains submissive, wishing away her pain through a sort of masochistic acceptance of her powerlessness. And yet, is she stronger? She does not seek revenge or violence, or in reality, she does. She gives many reasons why she wants to die, alll seem to be elusively skirting the truth, but finally she screams she wants to die because she wants to kill. A strong revelation, and one that I found to be quite powerful. She would not continue the cycle of violence, and though being completely resigned to her own destruction seems counter-intuitive, it was her way of engaging in a sort of moral pacifism that was motivated in part by fear, but more clearly by an inner strength. The film finishes with the complete destruction of youth. There is nothing left for the characters but death.

Katie M (ru) wrote: Hard to believe that Mae West films were once considered too raunchy.

Ben V (ru) wrote: It's alright. Sadly, Disney movies started to totally suck after this one

Fahad A (es) wrote: I like the shooting in Tahiti

rocknblues 8 (it) wrote: During the late 80's-mid 90's there was a big resurgence of film noir influenced films. Just in case you didn't know, the genre's peak was the 1940's through the early 60's and understanding the genre might have some influence on how much you enjoy Red Rock West. Film noir films are often dark, pessimistic, stylistic and often the films deal with fate, corruption, twists and even plot contrivances. Naturally, there have been some variations over the years, but those are a lot of the things you will find in films influenced by film noir. Anyway, Red Rock West is about a loser named Mike who only has 5 dollars to his name and is desperate for a job. On top of that, he is dealing with a leg injury that makes it hard for him to land a job in the line of work he seeks. So, eventually he lands in the town of Red Rock where he stops off for a drink at the local bar. And that's where the real trouble begins. As luck would would have it, the bartender asks if Mike if he is "Lyle" from Texas. Seeing the chance for a job, Mike plays along and passes himself off as Lyle... But what Mike doesn't know is that the bartender Wayne wants his wife killed and is willing to pay thousands to do it. What will Mike do? He has the chance to earn thousands of dollars by simply murdering a stranger. But it's not that easy since Mike is a decent guy. The kind of guy that refuses to take handouts and who refuses the tempting criminal urges that is presented to him earlier in the film. However, the choice to accept the job in the first place means he's destined to alter the lives of people and therefore there will be consequences to his actions. Red Rock West is filled with twists and turns that might seem fresh or predictable depending on how many of these type of films that you've seen. But for those that aren't used to the genre, but warned about the plot contrivances because if you're picky on that type of thing you might be annoyed by this movie. Otherwise, it's a good genre film that's good enough to be entertaining (and even re-watchable) but not original enough to standout as a classic. But as it is, I'd suggest giving it a watch. The performances are really good and carry the film even when some of the twists or turns might not make sense to you. And it's a good turn by Nick Cage who really shines as the unlucky losers with bad luck. 8/10