In a small town in Japan, Kirie comes upon her boyfriend's father silently videotaping a snail. Later, the mans obsession with spirals becomes more and more bizarre, ending in his suicide in a washing machine which turn his body into a spiral. Soon other inhabitants become possessed with different forms of spirals.

The movie centers on the inhabitants of a small Japanese town who become increasingly obsessed with and tormented by spirals. This abstract concept manifests in grotesque ways, such as a teenager's long hair beginning to curl and take over her mind, or a corpse wound around itself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Spiral torrent reviews

Teresa D (de) wrote: Perfect family movie! very inspirational

Wayne H (br) wrote: A very predictable movie that watched too much like an awkwardly acted Lifetime Channel movie of the week, except for how the Thea Gill's character handled herself. That was not in keeping with a Lifetime Channel movie of the week. It's an ok movie if there isn't something else on.

Kalamr G (jp) wrote: Huhhh, good story, even better shooting

Tim C (fr) wrote: Kept me interested, ending was bs though

Tom G (us) wrote: Extremely underrated!You'll be on the edge of your seat, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be mad, you'll be sad, you'll be proud. But most importantly you'll be very satisfied of the experience.

Heather M (ag) wrote: I am not going to watch this one.

John C (es) wrote: Despite the heartfelt, genuine moments of sincere emotion, Stuck on You simply doesn't deliver enough humor to overcome an average script.

Daryl (gb) wrote: I had to see it, c'mon it had Meg ryan in it

Gavin S (ca) wrote: Pretty long, need to have a halftime break

Claire T (ag) wrote: it was a great and absolutely funny film, it stars John Cleese, Kevin Kline, Jamielee Curtis, I thought it was a very funny film and it made me buy the other film they did together without ever seeing it before and it was called A fish Called Wanda

Carlos M (au) wrote: It may seem like just another of those countless inspirational movies about a teacher who "saves the lives" of a group of rebellious students (and it is indeed condescending sometimes, especially with those candy bars), but it is also honest enough to be definitely worth it.

Morten L (de) wrote: This is quite funny...have to admit the previews to the movie were much more funny than the movie itself. Love the scene where Hogan reads his own wanted poster, where it says that he's got and English accent and he goes "English accent?? I'm bloody Australian!"...that the ticket Paul!!!!

jimmi l (au) wrote: Chuck Norris der slaas mod djaevlen. Kan det blive meget bedre end det ?

Trent R (ca) wrote: Spinal Tap for gansta rap. Lots of rap jokes and spoofs................

Carina D (kr) wrote: Wellplayed film about a true hero; someone who (ab)uses his position to save others for no winning of his own.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Collection of four episodes of short-lived "Dusty's Trail" tv series meshed together into a film, which explains why subplots stop dead and begin without any transition. Bob Denver essentially reprises his Gilligan character in the old west here, while the supporting cast are essentially identical characters to that of Gilligan's Island.

Vincent H (es) wrote: A very decent western with a very compelling performance from Wayne.

Brian P (es) wrote: Quite a poor movie to say the least..... Certainly not worth the time to watch it.

Noname (nl) wrote: Jason Staham is back and then you know what u get ..... Action in plenty ! This movie reminds be alot of Running Man and The Condemned in a good mix. Great action scenes with brutal violence in a deadly race. The story aren't the best but overall decent. So every action lover will probably enjoy this , i sure did.

Jimmy B (au) wrote: why technology... and not just religion, politics, and sports is poisoning and slowing rotting away our society... definitely kali yuuga.