Spirits Among Us

Spirits Among Us

Mark, Janice and their young daughter Julie have lived in their home about two months. Strange things begin to happen, first just annoying, then becoming terrifying. Television sets go on and off by themselves, strange noises in the attic, movement in the shadows, light bulbs bursting, unexplained voices, terrifying dreams, and dolls that seem to have a mind of their own. Being a self-sufficient independent do-it-yourself kind of man, Mark tries to "fix it" with his own resources. Only after being brought to near death does he realize he needs the power of the Holy Spirit through the authority of Jesus Christ to rid their home of this malevolent spirits.

Mark, Janice and their young daughter Julie have lived in their home about two months. Strange things begin to happen, first just annoying, then becoming terrifying. Television sets go on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joetaeb D (mx) wrote: I don't what I just watched, But I loved it!

Clintus M (au) wrote: This direct-to-video offering isn't too bad. It's a pleasant teen drama, nothing too original or ground breaking, but I've seen worse. It's a story of teen angst (father-daughter conflict), competition, and confidence issues set against a backdrop of girls' surfing in South Africa. The lead, Dana, undaunted by any obstacle and pretty hot too, and her friend Pushy (last name galore? I don't get it either) pursue their odyssey together, so if you're a fan of female surfing, so-so hot girls, or even female empowerment, you may want to watch. They have a real community of free spirits there, symbolized by the Grateful Dead's "Truckin" being cranked out as well as gorgeous scenery throughout. The acting is better than the script, but the cast doesn't compare to Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez in the original 2002 film. There are plenty of deficiencies here and some needless subplots, but there are a lot worse ways to spend a little time than watching pretty girls surf.

Bevan S (kr) wrote: In the hands of a less able director and an inauthentic cast, this movie colud have lapsed into parody with poorly portrayed stereotypes morphing into characterures. Thankfully this does not happen. Mindy Cohn is superbly cast as Violet and she is ably supported. An interesting and entertaining variation of the classic tale of the search for love.

Warren H (fr) wrote: A very good documentary showing the backwater ignorance of a small town community and how a Senior class, with the help of Morgan Freeman, try to put an end to the racism plaguing their town. I wish they could have managed to get a bit more sides in the story as unfortunately a lot of the "racist" side would not talk. I also would have liked to see if this mixed prom continued on or if it was the only one of its kind. As well as find out if they continued to do a White Prom,etc.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Very gritty and raw, well acted, and the pace is that which enables one to fully see and feel the characters well. That being said, we've seen this story before in various forms, yet this falls short of those told with greater flair and depth via such films as the Deer Hunter. Overall it's well done but the story and characters don't bring anything new to the genre.

Gregory W (jp) wrote: interesting doc when i got it i thought it was a fictionalized version but this works much better great footage from the period is used.

Noah Abraham G (ru) wrote: "Nine Dead" isn't great cinema, alright? It's very clearly low-budget, the acting is hit or miss, and it's not remotely scary. BUT, on the other hand, it is pretty well-written, and it holds your attention to the very end.

Weul S (br) wrote: Cinema Verite at its most chaotic! This anthropological mockumentary is Robert Flaherty meets Woody Allen with a slightly fractured Gone With the Wind ending. This really is comic genius.

Hyam Q (jp) wrote: i like this movie !!

Dann M (ag) wrote: Ben Affleck stars in DreamWorks' straight-to-video follow-up to The Prince of Egypt, Joseph: King of Dreams. Based on the biblical account, the story follows Joseph (a child of prodigy), whose brothers grow jealous of him and sell him into slavery, but Joseph's ability to interpret dreams soon draws the attention of the Pharaoh. Unfortunately, the animation quality is really a step down; though it keeps to the same design style and coloring as The Prince of Egypt. The music too is rather unremarkable, and is at best functional. Suffering from a clear lack of ambition, Joseph: King of Dream is a disappointing and mediocre animated film.

Livi B (au) wrote: Had a very Scream feel to me, although I liked Scream. It's not bad, there's blood, and jumpy bits and a plot but overall it's pretty meh.

Egi K (it) wrote: like the film very much... In fact, the events are not like as we seen... there are unestimated event in dark deeps...

Julia D (de) wrote: beautiful bittersweet, off beat love story!!!

Theresa J (br) wrote: Was a pretty good movie, not the best I have ever seen, but certainly not the worst. It was watchable. Basicly a horror film star is giving up being an actor because he feels old and can't compete with the "horror" headlines of the times. He thinks no one wants to see fake horror when they read about it everyday in the papers. A young married man in the side story line decides he is going to kill his wife, mom and a bunch of people on the freeway. How do these two stories intersect? Well you will just have to watch the movie.

Kaitlyn B (nl) wrote: A very odd, twisted movie, but amazing nonetheless.