A successful businessman falls in love with the girl of his dreams. There's one big complication though; he's fallen hook, line and sinker for a mermaid.

A young man named Allen was rescued by a siren in a state almost completely naked after an accident in the sea. After rescuing Allen, the mermaid and her new guy start dating. One day, Allen accidentally discovers that whenever Madison's foot get wet, it turns into a fish tail . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Splash torrent reviews

Dave F (ag) wrote: I'm more into Trunk Show. Still was an audio delight.

Patrick M (us) wrote: ...enjoyable and emotional ~ Kaja is overjoyed, almost too much so, at the arrival of her new neighbours in a rural area of a wintery, snow covered, Norwegian countryside ~ which does give the immediate impression that all is not well in her household. Married to Eirik (Joachhim Rafaelson), a surly and seemingly humourless charater, she welcomes the new arrivals with excess glee, almost begging them to become close friends ~ the arrivals, Elisabeth (Maibritt Saerens) & Sigve (Henrik Rafaelsen), soon note the slightly overbearing welcome is a cover up from that of a lonely woman ~ the two couples meet for dinners at each other's homes, and the desire of Kaja soon become clear ~ Elisabeth does help Kaja to emerge from the lonely life by encouraging her to sing in the choir, where Kaja soon finds she does have a talent to sing ~ but Kaja and Sigve are by now engaging in an affair ~ Eirik remains a distant, unappealing character who says the sexless existence in the marriage to Kaja is due to her not being attractive ~ and other secrets emerge during the liaisons between all parties ~ the couple's respective children strike up a friendship, and all draws to a fairly cordial finale ~ not bad...

Suanne B (ru) wrote: Dette m vre tidenes kjedeligste og teiteste skrekkfilm.Ikke se den, du fr aldri den ene timen og 22 minuttene igjen.

Private U (jp) wrote: Good light movie.But for one viewing only

Tonya V (jp) wrote: The fact that it's based on actual events is sad. It's hard to watch and pretty depressing.

Gordon B (ru) wrote: Engaging & erudite experimental film about how Los Angeles has been portrayed in the movies. It's a must for cinephiles curious about the relationship between film spaces and real life places

Navin B (ag) wrote: Very nice comedy and human movie. Must see

Juan S (us) wrote: it still one of the best Robert Downey Jr films ever I love this movie

Carlos I (ru) wrote: What an impressive and unique way of experimenting with film. A movie not really about anything, but once again Linklater breaks the barriers with something new, fresh and real. An impressive debut.

Kenneth L (nl) wrote: Total disrespect for rule of law & due process.

Carole T (fr) wrote: This film has some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Add that to a lame script and some poor direction and you end up with a pretty awful movie. Pity, as it has a good premise and could've been so much better.

Greg W (au) wrote: best thing about this sci-fi pic is ray harryhausen's special-effects look for harryhausen's cameo as the guy feeding peanuts to the elephants!

Eric P (es) wrote: Truly a great film. It's horribly sad, and magnificently happy, all at the same time! The acting is impeccable!

Justin S (mx) wrote: Started fine, poor CGI at times, extended version took out original ending. Something different.

Maureen D (kr) wrote: A sweet movie by my husband's and my standards. Loved the interactions. The scary airplane scene effects (paper airplane instead of stock footage) made us chuckle. Give it a go while doing some paperwork. If you don't like it, you at least had a productive couple of hours!

Stayce R (mx) wrote: Interesting and entertaining movie - based on real life Hasidic Jew who got into the ecstasy smuggling business in the 1990's.