Splendor in the Grass

Splendor in the Grass

A fragile Kansas girl's unrequited and forbidden love for a handsome young man from the town's most powerful family drives her to heartbreak and madness.

Splendor in the Grass follows the unrequited and forbidden but superheated romance between working-class high schooler Natalie Wood and rich kid Warren Beatty. Together they learn the harsh lesson of love and life in the '20s and sadly go their separate ways. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Splendor in the Grass torrent reviews

Macke D (gb) wrote: Finally got to watch this because of Dawn of Justice.

Kenneth M (au) wrote: If you like French Romantic comedies this is a good one! I defenitely recommend it.

Michelle R (us) wrote: Having watched Diane Kruger in the American series The Bridge, it's amazing watching her acting in French in this film. Wonderful imagery but with a rather abrupt ending to my liking. I enjoy period-dramas so this was palatable regardless.

HorrorFix O (it) wrote: The Bleeding House might easily fall prey to the big Hollywood remake machine. it's infuriating to think that it might... But it's easy to see some out of touch executive, still reeking from cigarette and prostitutes, finding the easiest way to circumvent the creative process and shuffling his evil little feet across the hall to postpone the devil from taking his bruised, blackened little soul for another fortnight... A quill pen gets dipped in arterial elixir and voila... Bradley Cooper gets cast in the overblown and unnecessary remake of The Bleeding House... AND... That is exactly how it happens... Unless the exec is a non smoker of course... Jus sayin. Bleeding House works well being a small movie. It uses it's scale as a means to keep the tension intimate and real. Compromise that and it surrenders it's tone and impact...which is the real crux of the picture. The film is heavy with atmosphere and although it surrenders some of it's mysteries a little too early, the film's pace and a great cast never has you looking at the clock or questioning it's motives. It's House's casting thats the standout element that really brings it all together too. A small cast that benefits greatly from a vaguely familiar face... Patrick Breen. Breen, a character actor with a multitude of tv and film credits, plays Nick, a mysterious visitor who shows up on the doorstep of the home of a troubled family. A family seemingly imprisoned by their own social alienation, they offer their house to the traveller for the night. Breen plays up the smug, yet charming Nick in the film's first act with a clever bravado that only intensifies over the course of the picture until he makes the movie his vehicle... And you'll have absolutely no issue with it either. This is the kid of performance that sees an actor of Breen's caliber suddenly offered a score of higher profile roles. We follow the family and their visitor through a night of murder, torture and revelations that leaves you glad you weren't aware of any of the film's reveals before going in. I won't dare give away the film's turns because this is how a movie like The Bleeding House functions best. Suffice it to say...This one is RECOMMENDED.

Matthew R (it) wrote: Has some moments but is ultimately underwhelming. It is a somewhat realistic film but so normal and predictable that it came off as very dull.

Jairo A (de) wrote: The story moves nicely, it has a good flow, a few surprises, and then they rush the story! WHY? All 3 main actors, including Kristen Stewart, do a great job! But I felt it was missing 20-30 mins. I could have easily have scored this an 8 or 9 out of 10 with a better story at the end. You can tell they rushed it! Overall, I liked the movie but it should have been better.

Gerry S (kr) wrote: Unusual story telling with an entertaining pop up setting and a noble theme of honor


Paul L (mx) wrote: Delicia minimalista de escaso dialogo, que narra el reencuentro de dos hermanos judos un ao despus de la muerte de su madre, y una mujer que se hace pasar por la mujer de uno de ellos, Andrs Pazos y Mirella Pascual geniales en sus roles.

Alexander P (au) wrote: A weak attempt at bringing sympathy to shallow characters.

Jeff M (ca) wrote: Not going to win any Oscars but this flick is very uplifting. Its a film about people, their love of music, and how friendship, and music can change your life. A story about a young band who just want to have fun and play great tunes. Released as 'Global Heresy' in Australia. Really needed a soundtrack though, the music was great.

Ana A (nl) wrote: Story about an imaginary friend.

Andrey B (es) wrote: Well crafted Seagal action movie.

Vishal R (br) wrote: #1 movie of all times

Katie R (br) wrote: Beautiful, with a great performance from Nils Asther who, sadly, found little work of substance after the silent era.

Andrei G (jp) wrote: Not the best from Brad Pitt, but still good enough

Jenna G (gb) wrote: If you've seen a courtroom drama, you've seen them all, most of the time. And while that does apply here, the performances from Washington & Hanks and the importance of this story are what make Philadelphia different from any other courtroom drama.

Andrew S (fr) wrote: A truly haunting film about how much, and yet how little, you can really know about anyone. Not just on the internet, but in real life too.