A gang member, suffering from severe memory loss, searches for his brother's murderer. He secretly enlists the aid of the investigating Detective, while other members of his gang are mysteriously and sadistically murdered.

A gang member, suffering from severe memory loss, searches for his brother's murderer. He secretly enlists the aid of the investigating Detective, while other members of his gang are mysteriously and sadistically murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer J (au) wrote: Great movie!! Love Jim Caviezel....he is awesome!

Michael R (br) wrote: Well That Was Interesting...

Li G (br) wrote: Had a few laughs, but couldn't keep you interested

Lindsey C (it) wrote: Fun Family movie, saw this movie at an outdoor showing which totally added to the ambiance. If you have kids who are into horses they will love it.

Edgar C (ca) wrote: Life is repeating itself endlessly with similar patterns which cannot be controlled by personal will. Yet, nothing is determined, as there is always an opportunity cost. These patterns run along with the natural flow of life. Yet, there is nothing such as a "natural flow of life". God's will determines everything, and is the only thing that prevails.Do the math and we'll talk again.97/100

Jim M (de) wrote: Murder mystery about two cops (Michael Rooker and Chris Penn) interrogating a local rich boy (Tim Roth) about the murder of a call girl (Renee Zellweger) only have the tables turned. Good mystery, however everything in this movie takes a back seat to the acting. Rooker and Penn good play there roles in there sleep (Rooker giving another mean performance). Tim Roth is one of the better actors out there today and is particularly good at acting like he knows more then he's telling. Great supporting performances from Michael Parks as a pyschatrist the cops consalt on Roths state of mind and Zellweger plays the doomed call girl perfectly infusing her character with an element of tragedy. If you enjoy watching actors work this is defenitly the movie for you.

p h (br) wrote: good, not great, family drama with comic elements. very nicely done, and sympathetic characterization, but a bit artificial-feeling

James H (jp) wrote: A great idea that should have worked a lot better than it did. There are so many missed opportunities here it gets painful after awhile. There are some very funny sequences, not enough though. It was entertaining but it was equally forgettable. The was an episode on the Dick Van Dyke show that dealt with a similar situation that was so much better.

Conner K (gb) wrote: Once again Keaton has to work had not to be overshadowed by the villains as has to battle to gain screen time with big stars such Devito, Walken , and Pfeiffer. The tone of the film is bleaker than the first installment, but that for the most part that is not a criticism. There are a few cringe worthy scenes, but apart from that the film is fine and the Danny Elfman score is as good as always.

John T (jp) wrote: The film is a dark drama, bordering on horror. A young woman and her mother in law try to eke out a living in the midst of a civil war. The war has been close by, and the women keep an eye for opportunities to finish off or kill soldiers who stray close by. They trade the armor and weapons to buy food. The early parts of the film move slowly to showcase the boredom and almost mechanical existence they've grown accustomed to. Fear, boredom, greed, and sloth dominate their lives. That is until Ushi, a former resident, suddenly shows up. Escaped from battle, his arrival begins a sudden and dramatic change in the relationship between the two women. Now jealousy, betrayals, lust, anger, gluttony, and revenge come calling. The movie showcases many negative facets of war. The pacing of the movie speeds up as it nears its end, as the story lines reach their conclusions. No sweeping landscapes like Kurosawa. The tall grass that dominates the area shelters and hides the people, but also keeps the focus entirely on their own lives.

Nate A (it) wrote: This review is for all three films in the Samurai trilogy.This is a sweeping epic detailing the career of (real life) master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. His story has been told in dozens of films, but this is the most famous one (overseas anyway). Moreso than any other Japanese samurai film I've seen, this has a real feeling of a Hollywood epic. Indeed, it is often referred to as the Japanese answer to 'Gone with the Wind' and was tied with 'Seven Samurai' as the most expensive film ever made in Japan at the time. It begins in the early days of Musashi as he leaves his village to join the great Battle of Sekigahara (on the losing side). From there, he goes from outlaw to prisoner to samurai. Along with his pursuit of drawing ever closer to perfection, he must deal with the betrayal of his childhood friend, navigate the politics of the newly founded Tokugawa shogunate, fight in duel after duel, and come to terms with his feelings for the love of his life.Toshiro Mifune in the title role is awesome, and convincingly shows the change between wild dog to cool and collected enlightenment between three films. His foil, Sasaki Kojiro, is a worthy adversary. Cool and charismatic, he is the opposite of Musashi and the final duel between them is a worthy conclusion to the trilogy.The cinematography is gorgeous, with vibrant colors bringing out the colorfulness of the garb and banners but also the muted natural colors of the wilderness.If you enjoy films like 'Ben Hur' or 'El Cid', you may want to give this a shot.

Michael D (es) wrote: good story, nicely made. one would expect a bit better acting from THE cast, especially after 'written on the wind', but it's still an interesting film.