Sophie is a troubled young girl, haunted by the abuse she suffered as a child and harbouring a deep fascination with the unexplained. In the hope of satiating her obsession with the latter, she instigates a trip to the Welsh countryside with four friends, aimed at tracking down the legendary Beast of Bodmin. It seems the mythical creature – often thought to be a large wildcat or fox – has caught the public's attention once more thanks to a spate of attacks on livestock and one local farmer. Armed with a video camera and a case of beer, the group head off into the woods but they soon uncover much more than they bargained for, with Sophie falling foul of a mysterious madman who locks her away in an apparent attempt to protect her from some unnamed terror.

This film is a U.K movie about Sophie and her group of friends who go on a trip to an area of Wales looking for some kind of beast that is killing in the area. While camping Sophie and a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Splintered torrent reviews

Scott B (jp) wrote: Annoyingly bad. Kinda Christmas in Wonderland annoying, but for different reasons. Bad lyrics to the songs (especially the Kraft Dinner one), bad acting, and worst of all the film is just DULL.

Ed C (es) wrote: One line summary: The ice fog that froze Tasmania spreads around the globe.------------------------------------------- Front story: after an eclipse of the sun, there is a major singularity in the Earth's atmosphere, and the drop in temperature starts. All the rest of the film as about: figuring out causation, predicting effects, and constructing a way to stop, then reverse, the effects. Back story: Jack and his wife Emma are getting a divorce because he spends too much time at work. Of course, Emma also spends too much time at work, but Jack gets blamed for it, since Emma got to her lawyers first. We have some of the usual themes. A few people know disaster will strike, but the people they contact will not believe them. This happens to Jack as he tries to warn of additional problems after his company's research ship has all on board frozen to death. After a while we get the 'boy who cried wolf' problem; no one will believe Jack no matter what he says. Those in power are somewhat willing to believe the predictions after plenty of damage and death has already occurred. An extra threat comes into play: the child of one of the leads (in this case Emma, Jack's ex) is in jeopardy for a substantial part of the film. The last usual theme is: the survivors put in a perhaps successful effort to stop the threat. This fails at first because Jack is 'out of the loop,' and the solution proposed by Winslaw, who is in the loop, is destined only to make things worse. After the massive fail, will anyone get behind Jack? If so, will they be in time?------Scores------- Cinematography: 10/10 Fine. Sound: 10/10 No problems. Acting: 7/10 Not as bad as many of these formulaic disasters. I liked Michael Shanks. The lesser known actors were were not as bad as I expected. Screenplay: 5/10 There is nothing new here. I've seen this film at least 30 times before. The themes mentioned above are used just about every time. The only variable is the current threat: meteors, sharks, piranhas, insects, whatever. Fortunately, the movie was easy on the eye, pleasant to the ear, and the SFX were not all deadly bad, as is often the case.

Justin M (au) wrote: Sadly, this film will probably join the growing list of great animated films for adults that are tragically overlooked by audiences (Triplets of Bellville, Persepolis). Telling the story of Emilio, a man dealing with the onset of old age, gets forcibly moved into a retirement home by his son who is sick of caring for him. His roommate is a scam artist who spends most of his day ripping off the more wealthy residents. While this is a serious film, it does have quite a bit of comedy, albeit mostly dark.

Tom I (ru) wrote: What the hell is this.... I never heard of it!

Wesley W (nl) wrote: Such a dull wooden comedy and probably Will Ferrell's worst movie, in my opinion. About everything falls flat. The characters, directing, writing, acting, and story. From beginning to end, I was hoping to laugh a lot and get into the characters, but I never did. The entire cast is wasted in this mediocre and laugh-free script. The supporting cast is full of cookie-cutter and dull characters and not one of them ever stands out. Woody Harrelson is a talented actor and has proved that before this film, but here he looks bored and he looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Andre Benjamin is one-note in every scene he is in. He always looked like he was upset and bored about everything happening around him, his character was just really unlikable and devoid of any charm. The little subplot with Woody Harrelson and Maura Tierney was just boring, it went nowhere, and it added zero enjoyment to the film. My only positive with the movie was that I thought Will Ferrell tried with the mediocre material that he was given and he was only semi-funny.

Bloodmarsh K (es) wrote: Tries too hard with the twist, which is predictable from the start, and even goes as far as trying to pull you into a ''whodunit,'' which again, is predictable from the start. Go with ''House of The Devil'' instead.

Private U (us) wrote: Wierd! More on it later.

Barney O (jp) wrote: i only watched this for Ellen Page's screen time, which was surprisingly abundant. the movie itself has a rather interesting plot as well.

Russ B (us) wrote: 8/29/2016: A great movie. They did a great job of getting a lot of the details from the book right.

Bo K (br) wrote: Funny follow up to the first, enjoyable movie for all ages

beth (ca) wrote: can i have a dog like that..

bob (ca) wrote: eastern buddy action comedy...

i C (br) wrote: 9/10fucked up french film

Johnathon W (ca) wrote: Disappointing but somewhat enjoyable entry in the franchise that has a cool concept but isn't executed well. The idea of setting a Predator in a new area with a new group of characters to hunt is a great idea but is never taken advantage of. The fact that it's a group of cops & criminals it hunts is never explored, such as showing the cops investigate the murders & making this a horror/crime mix (like the original brilliantly mixed horror & action films). The cast is solid, though not given much to do (Glover is over the top at times while Paxton is given few moments to show off his trademark charm). Gary Busey is fun as the FBI agent tracking the Predator, and his quote from "Wizard of Oz" is trademark. Behind the camera, director Stephen Hopkins delivers some cool visuals (the scene of the predator stalking the Jamaican drug lord in a flooded alley is pretty epic) but is not a coherent action director, and doesn't use the scenes to further character development & story. The opening scene is particularly bad, with just flashy violence but does little to establish the characters (unlike how "Predator" did perfectly in its first scene). Thankfully, the Predator itself is still awesome, with some cool new weapons (best frisbee since "Tron") and a glimpse inside it's spaceship (the skull rack is still a geek inducing tease). Overall, as part of a larger "Predator" collection, a solid addition, but not worth owning by itself.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Horror/Comedy has ghoulish lawyer hunting down victims in an abandoned asylum. Pads its modest runtime with several pointless scenes lifted from 1930s movies. Makes the most of promoting its Penthouse Pet and Playboy stars but then never delivers. This was terrible. Kristin Davis' film debut, so at least something came out of it.

Anthony S (kr) wrote: It's really a monster movie and a decent one at that.

Sam M (ag) wrote: Good dialogue. Pretty realistic.

Galvy F (it) wrote: When we live what we see when it resonates and unearths our ambitions. When we love other things we see when it's our companion. When others like seeing other things to not be completely sold on the idea. When we like seeing other people when they like what we like and enjoy seeing us as much as others then we naturally see that some like seeing us and others are not completely sold on seeing us further. When we must see to it that we reassure those we are seeing. When what we see we must be sure when somethings are an illusion when we prefer things other then our current realities. When what see we know a lot about when we are knowledgeable or make the impression that we are. When what we see we like more and more of. When what we see we don't know if they appreciate the finer details. When we had enough seeing we wish we knew where we are headed with some ideas, when we get lost in our fantasies. When we see that we are wanted and highly praised by some people when others don't see us.When we can't believe whom we are seeing when it's impossible. When you need to see what some people are fantasizing in order to see why they love somethings. When you actually feel, see and embrace your fantasies as if you are there you appreciate more staying in your fantasies when the realities of this continuing sounds great. When see places that we enjoy and love we all wish they could take us to the root of our love for it. When we see all people we admire, that inspire us we get the honest opinions if what great works think about our work that make us more confident and open about our work. When we see that great advise comes from a library of all people whom amounted to so much that we can't compare, that naturally we know what we are lacking. When it's everything we would expect and see in our idols. When we don't see what others see when our tastes are different and prefer a more fancier & fun lifestyle. When what we see trensends through space and time that makes us think when and see in an instant or for along while. When what others see they like, when they see eye to eye with us. When somethings we see we don't comment when it's uncomfortable. When we see that some people are more dedicated in their work to notice us. When we dont see what others are up to care. When we see that we both have different views that we rather see different things. When we see that our views and what we see font matter when there is no point talking. When somethings we see don't change when Stars and the greats only go for other stars and greats to ever notice the small people. When we see that we have high expectations when we think that the greats would have the time of day for us. When what we see we are interested in when other aspects disinterest us. When what we see we can't live without when our views are so deep it hurts. When we need others to see for us when we don't know where we venture. When we don't see somethings that are staring right in front of our eyes when we rather see other people in high places. When we see that we are rewriting history when our name is in the books for an entirely different reason. When we are all note worthy to see why the greats want to see us. When we can't wait to see those whom we see our equal when we eye to eye with some people. When we can't see we assume when we come to logical conclusion. When some things we see we don't see eye to eye with when they don't see our perspective when it's overlooked, underlooked, misinterpreted, does resonate and just didn't meet up to our expectations in what we thought we would see. When some people we see, we are a perfect fit, when some people resonate to those whom resonated to them and passed down to us that shape what we see in how they see that we are able to see the world and feel the world the way we like it with someone. When we see the imperfections of what we see that we never take that final hurdle we are eye to eye with our doubts and in calculated moves when our emotions seems to point out the ridiculousness in our reasoning and logic that halts us. When we see our place is here when we don't see eye to eye on everything when we are unhappy. When we see some places we dulge our fantasies want us to stay when it keeps us alive and vibrant, immortal throughout the ages, when we only want to see is someone appreciate and value us as much as we see it. When we see someone like us for who we are that they like what they see. When we don't see or know how the human brain can manifest such genius in people's works that we continue to see on far. When we see how every artist created such great works their own way when their views didn't only consist seeing with their eyes but embracing the world with all senses of their body. When we just needed to see parts of us in greats to know we have in us to see ourself great amongst them. ***************************************************************************canvas and reality inside a frame in a world of self expression. what age of art period do we live in? is it really a golden age or the best we have of a present. how does the artist want it's art remembered or even themselves. sometimes works of art is unpredictable has no sure outcome like it's artist and it's time.