SPLINTERHEADS introduces Thomas Middleditch as Justin Frost, a twenty-something slacker whose “thing” is that he has no “thing” at all. When a small-time carnival rolls into town, he meets Galaxy (Rachael Taylor), a gorgeous con artist, or “splinterhead,” who has more “things” going for her than anyone he has ever met.

When a traveling carnival comes to a small town, a lifelong slacker meets the girl of his dreams (Rachael Taylor) and wakes up tothe life he has yet to begin living. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler P (jp) wrote: Trs trs bon polar avec le toujours impeccable Roschdy Zem.

Steven B (nl) wrote: Very poignant story - good casting

Eric R (nl) wrote: The 7-minute opening sequence of this film is possibly the best staged action sequence I have ever seen. The film is good but never lives up to what you see in the very beginning. Its an action film that is part social commentary on mass media and technology in general. it works but not as strongly as it could have. This is not one of Johnny To's best films in that the story just isnt as compelling or artfully done, but the action is still pretty fantastic and its exceptionally well filmed. Oh, and Richie Jen is great in this film as the head bank robber.

Emanuele R (nl) wrote: Folgorante parabole sulla morte e riflessione sull'occhio, pi che sullo sguardo. Puro cinema e puro teatro: puro Beckett.

Emily A (it) wrote: I am kind of in the same boat as all of these critics saying that it's clear that there's "something there", but no one knows what it is. Which is kind of hilarious. I get the impression there is some strange distortion in the plot because of the troubled state of mind of the main character, explaining perhaps why Ricci's character is so objectified and substance-less. Given how godawful Gallo's other work is though I really don't think there is anything profound that he was going for, other than the obvious Freudian concepts / repressed sexuality. I think the hype this gets is because of what people project onto it. Easily the most narcissistic film I have ever seen as well, which is forgivable if the director/actor/writer/whatever-else isn't a piece of shit, but alas..

Jeff B (jp) wrote: OK, but I liked the Spanish remake better.

Amanda W (nl) wrote: Different/Not Bad/Liked.

Lanky Man P (it) wrote: Hardware will leave you with mixed emotions on how you feel about it. Good attempt in my opinion.

Tim M (gb) wrote: This Eastern European critic bait is much less boring than Stalker or Werckmeister Harmonies, though that's not saying much. There was some trouble with developing or transfer, many of the frames are incredibly dark on one or two sides. Interesting look at the Polish death penalty, unlike the movie, they really didn't waste much time.

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Tre Bluey O (kr) wrote: Another great S.E Hinton story

David J (ca) wrote: Super dated, but pretty cool for it's time. Fun little Sci-Fi yarn.

David L (au) wrote: Mildred Pierce is an awesome movie. It is filled with powerhouse performances with the deserved Oscar-winning performance from Joan Crawford, it is deftly edited, wonderfully directed and excellently scripted. It is a great mix of noir and drama, it is dramatic and always riveting, but above all emotional and a great commentary on parent-child bond with smart relationships and story, intriguing melodrama and terrific characters of which Veda is probably one of the most despicable characters ever portrayed in a film. The character of Kay and what they did with her is unfortunate, but that is the only problem in this otherwise incredible film that is one of the very best of its year.

Tom D (au) wrote: While luck is on the side of the squeaky clean heroes, the audiences sympathies may well be directed to the villains in this early serial following the criminak exploits of Les Vampires and their muse, the original Irma Vep. Good fun, but it would have been interesting to see the audience reaction at the time.

Felipe F (fr) wrote: Writer-director Tamara Jenkins delivers her best work to date with a heartfelt and mature script - brought to life by fine-tuned performances from veterans Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman that manages to balance the dramatic and the comical sides of the movie.

Glenn C (nl) wrote: I recently reviewed Stir Crazy and now it's onto the next Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor move, "See No Evil, Hear No Evil". Its another movie I would watch over and over when I was a kid and even now it brings some massive LOLS. Wilder is a deaf guy and Pryor is a blind guy and together they witness a murder and become the prime suspects. The movie is heavily criticised for its flimsy script and I do concede that it's more or less a one-gag movie but its still damn funny. Almost all of the gags hit the spot with me and they both deliver some belter lines. Pryer is particularly good. It moves along at a fast pace from one set up to another... there are a few inconsistencies but who the hell looks for perfection in a movie like this?? I just expect a few big laughs with chuckles in between... it delvers exactly that. Kevin Spacey also co-stars as the bad guy... with a strange growth on his face. What the?? LOL