Sci-fi story about a man (Timothy Dwight) on the run from a Big Brother-like security force.

Sci-fi story about a man (Timothy Dwight) on the run from a Big Brother-like security force. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hal M (ag) wrote: Great screenplay, great casting, great location cinematography...why not a great film? Maybe because of the very bad decision to plant vital clues too early? Like during the rolling of the credits! Watch this two times, three! Keeps getting better. Acting is fine across the board but I single out Steve Zahn and Kiele Sanchez especially.


Brian B (us) wrote: This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It's very tense even though the outcome is already known.This movie details the true story of a mountaineering expedition gone horribly wrong. It shows the 2 climbers struggling to make it back down as more and more things go wrong.Even though we already know the ending, the movie is still quite the thrill ride. It keeps us on the edge of our seats the entire time. It is very gripping and the movie draws the viewer into the action immensely.The great acting, facial expressions, sound and music, editing, and set design only makes the tension bigger and it immerses the viewer even more.This is a movie that you have to experience. It's hard to watch at times due to the graphic nature of some of its scenes but it's truly an amazing film which keeps the viewer engaged from beginning to end. It's a must watch for all fans of the genre.

Sofa L (es) wrote: todo lo q hacen para separarlos a los otros, los unio mas a ellos

Abel D (ag) wrote: Altman's multistrand tale of American suburbia and its less-than-pleasant nature is quite an achievement: a boatload of quality acting from its sizeable cast, complimented by a constant vein of dark, cynical humour and its mix of moments that are by turns touching, unsettling and dramatic make this one of the late maestro's best, not to mention an easy recommend if you also enjoyed Pulp Fiction & Magnolia, which also offered sprawling tales of Western life.

Syed A (es) wrote: For some reasons i really like this movie...madhuri is great....salman and sanjay are good....music is amazing!!!...

Jacqueline G (br) wrote: a tiny woman with a bad bowl haircut helps a 4-star hotel fight back against the yakusa scum bullying the staff.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Directed by Jack Smight (Kaleidoscope (1966) and The Illustrated Man (1969)), based on The Moving Target by Ross Macdonald, and adapted by William Goldman, this is a good, jazzy detective story with a good ensemble. It has a good lead and some good cinematography, with a light jazzy score by Johnny Mandel. It's a long film, but it pays off well. In Los Angeles, down and out private detective Lew Harper (Paul Newman) is assigned by rich socialite Mrs. Sampson (Lauren Bacall) to help find her missing husband, who she believes is off philandering with another woman. Harper meets Sampson's teenager daughter Miranda (Pamela Tiffin) and her suave boyfriend Allan Taggart (Robert Wagner). Harper's investigations take him from druggie jazz singer Betty Fraley (Julie Harris) to washed up, overweight entertainer Fay Esterbrook (Shelly Winters) and onto bogus New Age preacher Claude (Strother Martin). Nothing is what it seems, and Harper ends up in a web of lies, going round in circles, but Allan is on hand to help out with the case, and Harper ends up getting roughed up by people who don't want him getting too close. It's a good detective story, mark the crossroads between the old film noirs and what was to come with the likes of Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye (1973). Newman exudes a natural coolness, and he's likeable and tough too. You can see why he was a great actor from this, and he had a good support to back him up.

WakeWRC89 (jp) wrote: Perfect way to start this legendary franchise. Connery bosses it in his first appearance as Bond. Good cast around him too. Beautiful filming locations.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: ok bio-pic but i feel o'brien (irish) is miscast (as norweigian)

Jamie J (br) wrote: quirky and funny one moment. dark, brutal and violent the next. This movie to me is the perfect crime story. No matter how many times I watch it I am glued to the screen everytime its on. Absolutely brilliant performances from everyone involved especially Frances McDormand and William h Macy. To me this is the Coan brothers best movie in a very long list of impressive movies. Definitely a must for any film lover.

Bjorn O (jp) wrote: Peter Boyle r som en ung version av gubben han spelar i Monsters Ball, det r "Vad har hnt med det hr landet?" och "Jvla hippies". Susan Sarandon spelar en liten roll och hinner bde knarka och vara naken.

Nabil A (ag) wrote: BORN FREE is a MOVIE that is still an icon in its own subject about animals. It was such a monumental MOVIE in history. I saw this MOVIE 15 years back with emotional hearts even at that time. ELSE was the name of a lioness that has been made a pet by a FAMILY only till when they come to know that they had to leave the LIONESS in to the jungle for security and ANIMAL FREEDOM reasons and the emotional detachment starts! The relation with the PET of the masters is so beautifully mentioned that one starts to enjoy the relation and gets emotionally involved with them. Its just amazing to imagine how this MOVIE was shot in 1966 with such perfection! The CLIMAX scene of the MOVIE is just so touching that eventually make you almost cry with a smile at your face! In short, BORN FREE is an OLD CLASSICAL ANIMAL FLICK!

Meredith W (ag) wrote: Despite a solid cast, this falls flat. Slapstick comedy a juvenile sexual innuendo without much originality in terms of plot.