Split Decisions

Split Decisions

When a boxer is killed because he wouldn't take a dive, his brother tries to find a way to avenge him even if only symbolically.

When a boxer is killed because he wouldn't take a dive, his brother tries to find a way to avenge him even if only symbolically. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mit P (jp) wrote: Funny, feel good film...

Merlin R (jp) wrote: pretty good. reminded me of the bible belt and how awesome it is to rebel from Jesus freaks and figure everything out for yourself. The book was better though.

Rowena C (br) wrote: super low budget , bt i cn c d effortz...some LOL moments ...bt hard to sit thru

Nathan B (gb) wrote: So much better than I expected. The first really heartfelt kaiju movie. Probably not for everyone but if you enjoy Japanese monster movies or have a soft spot for Gamera, definitly check this out.

Julie H (fr) wrote: Helps if you know something about the Congo, its history, and the major players before you see this movie. If you watch it just going in blind, I think there are many things that are not adequately developed or explained. Some things are largely glossed over and/or never addressed. Although it was well acted, I felt very detached from the film, never really engaging with the characters--the potential for this was huge, but never really realized. Still, I think it's a quick and dirty way to get some history. As with anything, however, don't rely solely on this movie for information regarding Lumumba, le Congo, Mobutu, and all else related.

Tyler S (au) wrote: Ya lol, im in this movie!

Chris Y (ag) wrote: Wow i thot this was just going to be some low budget shit Hercules movie like most of them are but it was really good with good acting not some crappy animation stuff and computer work, well ok some stuff was but not everything. anyone come across one thats as good as this let me know cause i love good movies and im really into all the mythical stuff.

John N (ca) wrote: Not That Good It's a little bit too silly

Drew E (br) wrote: Not only is this adam sandlers worst film...but it is one of the worst movies of all time...its as bad as movies can get

Alex H (de) wrote: No way I'm seeing this hateable E.T rip off bullshit!

Ola G (us) wrote: Innocent people are being brutally murdered on the streets of New York by a uniformed police officer. As the death toll rises and City Hall attempts a cover-up, Detective Lieutenant Frank McCrae (Tom Atkins) heads the investigation. A young cop, Officer Jack W. Forrest, Jr. (Bruce Campbell), finds himself under arrest as the main suspect, having been the victim of a set-up by the real killer and a mysterious woman phone-caller. McCrae sets out to solve the puzzle before the Maniac Cop can strike again... "Maniac Cop" is a classic gritty 80s NYC slasher from William Lustig with a perfect framing of what it actually is, a B-movie that pretends to be nothing else than a B-movie. "Maniac Cop" offers the viewer a good blend of horror and action. Its quite intense with a dark vibe, partly scary and theres a social political comment in the foundation of the storyline. What if you cant trust the cops anymore? What if cops would end up killing innocent people in personal vendettas? And you gotta give it to Robert ZDar, hes one scary bad guy.

Michael T (mx) wrote: Laughably bad in the best way possible.

Patrick K (nl) wrote: As good as the first. Damien's coming to terms with his origin and destiny is chilling

Connor G (ca) wrote: While Nicolas Cage was surprisingly bearable in this one, it took all the darkness from the original out of it, making it into a far lighter movie than it ought to have been.

Andrew L (it) wrote: Rather limp superhero flick. The relationship between 'The Thing' and 'Human Torch' is brilliant, but is probably the only thing going for this movie which is very weak when compared to even the terribly floored Spider-Man films. Even the boring Hulk movie was better than this. There are too many moments of 'not a lot going on', that when the film finally finishes you sit back and wonder whether anything did actually occur during the whole two hours (the length of the extended version). Apart from the pile-up on the Brooklyn Bridge, the only other action sequence is the final fight (very short lived and simple). The rest of the movie sees the characters standing around talking, and as I said earlier, not a lot really happens in this movie. Fantastic Four needed a sequel even though it didn't deserve one.

Ashley H (it) wrote: Kramer vs. Kramer is a decent film. It is about Joanna Kramer walks out on her advertising-art-director husband Michael. Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Robert Benton did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama.