Split Estate

Split Estate

This compelling Emmy Award winning documentary shows the dirty side of hydraulic fracturing and natural gas, an energy source the industry touts as a clean alternative to fossil fuels.

With cries from Washington for more domestic gas and oil production, the citizens of Garfield County, CO, find themselves in the path of an unstoppable rush to drill which threatens to destroy their health, homes, and community. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott E (it) wrote: Forgettable characters. Forgettable songs. Inconsistent tone. Awful sound mixing. Stone's quality performance isn't enough to save a film that's average at best. The aesthetic is good, but the plot is meh.

Andrew R (br) wrote: Outstanding cinematography and strong performances by Hilary Swank, Brenda Blethyn and even Frank Grillo. This film shows all the emotions and complications felt when losing a child. It also shows the deep problem that Africa has when it comes to malaria. Hilary Swank's characters displays what the beginning of a movement and what activists have to go through to be heard. A great film that's only flaw is it's short running time. If it had longer running time the film could have had more character development between the mothers and sons.

Matt S (gb) wrote: Theo is sexually frustrated. Thats the movie.

Cole W (kr) wrote: Definitely not for everyone, but those who can handle its brutal grittiness are in for a powerful ride.

Li M (mx) wrote: "Hold on (hold on) we're on our own...we can make it together..." Grew up on this movie, its old, but good:) It's amazing how the oldest boy in this movie got the hang of driving a stick shift SO fast....just plain ol' amazing...

Cody C (au) wrote: Heavy little movie. And definitely doesn't feel like a 60's film. Mid 70's definitely. Anyway, I cried. You'll probably cry too. Very effective filmmaking. Creeps up on you. Stick with it, even if the beginning causes you to roll your eyes.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Better than most heist flicks - with a gymnastic MaClaine! Not too many surprises with the plot; but it's so well done I don't really care.

Tim R (ag) wrote: A must see dark and entertaining vampire film

Brad S (ru) wrote: This one was really terrible. I normally like Sacha Baron Cohen and I always like Mark Strong but the script is terrible. It's very juvenile and potty humour based, which I don't mind if well executed, but is isn't in this film and that just makes it dreadful. Definitely one of the year's worst. Skip it!