Four real life stories of the paranormal and hauntings. Legends Of The Legionnaires. Phantom Pilot. Spirits Of The Civil War. The Phantom Schoolmaster.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length: 87 minutes
  • Release: 1987
  • Language: Swedish
  • IMDB link: Spökligan
  • Keywords: children,  

The Priest And The Professor. The Possession. Spirits Of Bodmin Moor. Echoes From Beyond The Grave. Four real life stories of the paranormal and hauntings

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Users reviews

Adam S (au)

Absolutely ridiculous. And apparently, this director had no idea about pace because it was one of the slowest movies I've ever seen. Instead, we got some sort of stupid British comedy almost. We took a chance on this one because it looked like it could have been a good spoof on slasher movies. My friends and I try to find some of the worst movies around to watch, hoping that they'll have some entertainment value. This is another one of those "holy shit" movies

Ane B (gb)

I honestly expected a lot more from all the comedic talent gathered in this film. An unoriginal idea that could've been a lot of fun but sadly falls flat through bad acting, many weak jokes, slow pacing and generally bad directing

Cliff M (au)

Eastwood is at his best here, in this clever true to life prison escape drama

Curtis L (it)

Let's make a movie about some jerk off guy who knew jack Kerouac, put in lots of 'film school' style shots and a few big names, and no one will notice that it sucks BIG TIME

Desi C (nl)

GO JOHHNY! duh ive seen most Johnny depp movies!

Erin S (ru)

It is closer to Ernest than to A Christmas Carol so be ready to laugh. Whoopi makes a wonderful Scrooge in this unusual take to the bah humbug story

Giorgos V (nl)

Poly kalh fotografia kai o pitsirikas paizei poli kala. Ena mikro diamanti poy kata tixi to vrika (eleo internet). Lyrikh, romantikh kai dramatiki. Para poli kali tainia

Jonathan B (ru)

An enjoyable film forget the campiness this is pure fun. You cant help but love these nostalgic musical surf movies starring the lovely Annette Funnicello and teen idol Frankie Avalon

Kan T (fr)

. . . and looks sick in the film. . . You can simply see that Leslie is very indulged in his role

MF J (kr)

It's a Kusturica film and it's all for the best. I really enjoyed this film because it's very different from most of the film usually produced by Americans or Europeans. The cast is great, the tone is wonderfully ironic and humoristic. This film is excellent