Set in Polish high school in the year 1969, a story about a group of first year students who are trying to get through the year by finding a way around an eccentric history teacher.

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Matt G (ag) wrote: WTF is this, full of dreadfull unfunny slapstick comedy (if to call it comedy) and a full frontal cheesy babyish storyline to throw up on to, following former bgt winner Pudsay that found a family that moved to a farm and his adventures meeting new friends or foe in his first ever and deffonitly last ever film. ive seen crap films in my time but this is taking the F**king piss. The only good thing about this is David Williams and even this is the downfall in this career,

Waleed A (es) wrote: fun cool action movie. lots of badassness. lots of cool scenes (2 viewings)

Deborah C (au) wrote: joey mcintyre is a natural born actor i just love his performce it is a must see

Andrew W (ru) wrote: The best movie ever made

Eric H (it) wrote: "Amores Perros" is a stunning film with a story that fans out like an octopus from a central disaster linking three separate storylines. I found this film to be masterfully executed and more personally touching then most films out today. Each story line and character were so carefully drawn that I remained mesmerized as I experienced the overlapping and out of order narrative. I also felt as though I had been transported to worlds-within-a-world that I had never experienced before. The story is filled with infinite sadness, but leaves one with the feeling of true life authenticity, of having touched some things personal in my own life. Days after seeing the film, my mind is still filled with vivid images and my heart aches from the emotions. This is one of the few films I would give a solid 10. Must see for serious film buffs and dramatic screenwriters.

Jose F (us) wrote: i guess they attempt to resolve the battle of the sexes by making the most hilariously, insultingly unfunny and blatantly sexist movie of all time.. also, stars katherine heigl

Warren W (ag) wrote: If I laughed twice this whole movie....then it sucked

Mark B (es) wrote: "payback...yes i think so"funny , low budget , low brow and lotsa laughs to bootdean cameron rules.."got a beer"

Jack G (mx) wrote: Though the method Fosse uses to tell the story- showing us from the start Stratten's doom and going back periodically to Paul Snider ranting and raving in front of all of her pictures and covered in blood- Roberts is electrifying as a psycho-jealous boyfriend turned husband, and Hemmingway gives some surprising depth in what should be a limited real-life-character portrayal. And hey, it's Bob Fosse, so the direction and editing is very clever, much in the vein (if not quite as great) as Lenny.

Gregory K (es) wrote: Name a recent science-fiction film that's cinematography comes even close to looking as good as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien or Blade Runner... It's very tough to think of one. And yes, I give George Lucas a lot of flack for his tampering with his original vision but his creation is half the reason filmmaking interested me in the first place... I thought these things during this very cool documentary... I love film and it means so much to me. I've essentially dedicated my life to trying to making other people feel the way the films I grew up with made me feel. Visual storytelling is where my passion and talents lie. This is a very cool doc that just made me appreciate film all over again.