Facing eviction from his parent's home on his 30th birthday, a socially awkward guy meets the girl of his dreams and creates his own rules for growing up.

Facing eviction from his parent's home on his 30th birthday, a socially awkward guy meets the girl of his dreams and creates his own rules for growing up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jackson P (nl) wrote: Good but predictable

Lucas Lima B (gb) wrote: Filme Interessante De Luta.

Vic D (kr) wrote: I don't understand why this movie got 62% from critics. Then again that's why I'm not a critic, but to all those critics... chill out a little bit, look at all the other garbage movies being made. This had some great acting especially from Djimon Hounsou, he made you feel the characters suffers and agony.

Yash B (ca) wrote: A movie that has a tremendous heart, a brain, and plenty of humor. A fantastic animated feature. Original story and big ideas make this one well worth seeing.

Brent C (us) wrote: really good story line

Eric M (jp) wrote: "Tears of the Sun" is the best film I've seen by Antoine Fuqua to date, and is certainly an ambitious and noble-hearted effort. Fuqua clearly struggles at handling natural and meaningful dialogue, and the film feels a bit heavy-handed and exposition laden at points. A few plot points here and there are pretty standard war film fare as well. For these reasons, I can somewhat understand the negative response many have given this film.But to dismiss it altogether is impossible because of the sheer power of the moments and themes that Fuqua nails. When he allows the imagery of human tragedy to speak for itself, "Tears" taps into the depths of human suffering, eliciting a powerful emotional response of empathy and sympathy. Unlike many war films set in exotic lands with American protagonists, "Tears" strives to turn the Other into the same, and the handling of the Nigerian civilians is done humanly, driving home their victimhood without ever placing the civilized Americans on any sort of pedestal over them. (The decision to arm the civilians, for instance, was a superb decision here)Fuqua forces the viewer to face the agony and reality of human evil, but this brings about an emotional catharsis (aided by a powerful score by Hans Zimmer) that drives the viewer to desire the good all the more. In this regard, I find the development of Bruce Willis's character quite interesting: he can only become a good man once he faces evil. Interesting. In many respects, "Tears of the Sun" reminds me of a Hollywoodized version of Malick's "Thin Red Line". Fuqua never glorifies combat, though he highlights heroism within combat. Several shots playing with the natural environment reminded me of Malick's brilliant grass shots as well. Also, though some might bemoan the lack of development of the SEAL team, I rather liked the neglect of the typical "bad boy banter", which to me is always tiresome and immature. Aside from the heavily exposition laden dialogue, these felt like real men thrown into the very heart of darkness, and that was enough for me to feel connected.Yes, the film might become a bit ra-ra America at its conclusion, but I didn't find it that offensive as the film maintained the cost of warfare front and center. American military aid was a relief, not a triumph. Also, the early part of the film skewered America's indifference towards humanitarian crises not in national interest. Yes, this movie could have been better, but when Fuqua lets the tragedy and weight of his story stand on it's own, the storytelling gains a weight and depth not often seen in American action films. Several scenes in this film reduced me to tears, emotionally moving me in ways I rarely feel in film.Also, the palatable sense of dread and danger added by the civilian element is excellent. In a way, this film attempts to deconstruct the action genre. But that's another story...

Sultan A (gb) wrote: I've witnessed sheerly 20 minutes of this film. This is the probably the coda of my lengthy & monochrome watching of evidently egregious films, simply for the sake of witnessing them. I'm done with this.

Jonathan S (de) wrote: More dumb military/monster mayhem. Some of the spider effects are kinda fun though.

Zach B (nl) wrote: Besides the love story, if you want to know the tuffness of BUD/S( thats Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEALS) training watch this movie.. " Say Nothing, If Im Right " !!!!

Trinity C (ag) wrote: Myths are interesting...

Jonathan D (es) wrote: nothing special here. Ben foster definitely looks like Lance.

Ian J (nl) wrote: The protagonist is a really cool English teacher with a mustache and a penchant for sweaters and blow dryers. Has the best line ever: "Son, only two kindsa people wear earrings: pirates and faggits. And I don't see no boat in our driveway."

Robert B (ag) wrote: Slaughterhouse Five is a decent enough movie, though that is mainly on the strength of the original story. There are some interesting transitions for the time jumps but overall the film's style feels dated (and certainly not eternal). The lead actor tries to convey the vibe of book and it comes off OK but the overpowering vibe is that of the 1970s. Still, it is a competent adaptation and fans of the book should give it a view, albeit with moderate expectations.